Death by boiling


Fucking unreal

Having a lovely relaxing time on holiday, m9?


How can people be so utterly cruel and hateful?! Unfathomable.

the capacity that humans have to be cruel to others should never be underestimated. Love to morbidly read stuff like Unit 731 (Unit 731: Inside World War II Japan's Sickening Human Experiments Lab) and just wallow in how awful humans are.

Scared to click the link especially on a Sunday with an awful case of the dreads. What is it?

yeah don’t click on it

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Heard a thing the other day saying the top Nazis who did the most depraved shit had completely normal psychological profiles, and felt no remorse for what they’d done, which freaked the fuck out of me. Nice to know that under the right circumstances, we’ll all just be unimaginable bastards and not care.


Yeah that was it. I’d actually forgotten tho, so thanks for reminding me, I still have the last 10 mins to listen to because it hit 5pm on Friday and I scooted right out of work like my ass was on fireeee.

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Humans are fucking weird/horrible bastards, eh?

I find it difficult enough putting water that’s slightly too hot in a teabag.


And they all just got nice, cosy jobs in Universities afterwards.


Thanks to good old Uncle Sam