Death Cab/Ben Gibbard

rap stuff is always pricey but their new Earl release, for one disc of 25 mins of music, is still rocking up over $40 …

There were no strobes in the traditional sense as I understand them (i.e. the white lights that put everything in bullet time) however they were definitely strobe-esque. Let me DM you.

got Asphalt Meadows back on since my mum got me the record for my birthday

real real good - they’ve lost any of the (slight) edges they used to have, but it’s a perfect literate dream-pop DCFC album

i’ve got a soft spot for Codes and Keys, but overall think it’s the best thing they’ve done since Narrow Stairs - and manages to avoid having any tracks as bad as the lowest points on NS, thankfully


As always with VMP it looks incredible but I’m surprised they haven’t done a remaster or something to justify it. Obviously hyping it with the “Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound” thing and the Steve Hoffman lot have a high opinion of him but if you care about that sort of thing you can still pick up the 10th Anniversary edition which Kevin Gray did and which sounds lovely.

Narrow Stairs might be my favourite of their albums, interested to know what you consider to be the low points!

And yeah it’s very interesting hearing Walla material live with the new lineup because they very faithfully recreate the “edge” you mention (last heard, IMO, on Black Sun) but it does serve to highlight how they are now 100% jangle

actively got no time for You Can Do Better Than Me, and Pity and Fear doesn;t do much - the highs are fantastic though, think it’s just 2/3s great, 1/3 meh for me - not much in between


Forgot what a huge opening track Marching Bands of Manhattan is, that falsetto oooh


My wife, 11 year old son and I had just the best time seeing the band in Dublin.
Very AM heavy set, no issue with this… it’s an excellent record and sounded great live.
Such a special night for my son, his 2nd ever gig and as it was seated he had a great view.
At the end he managed to get one of Ben’s picks and as we were leaving got a set list from the sound desk.
Then next day, as we were strolling from the Lego store, we actually met Nick Harmer. An absolute gent, who spent a few moments chatting with us. As we were about to leave him to his day, Ben and his wife joined Nick! Rachel kindly took a pic of us with Ben, who had a nice chat with my son.
Utterly surreal.


look at your son’s face! beaming :slight_smile:

what a lovely picture and story - my first ever “real” gig was a very memorable one, so glad he’ll have a similar thing too


posting one day late

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tonight’s gig cancelled due to illness :sob: :sob:

people going to Glasgow and Manchester dates over the next few days might want to watch out, see if they still go ahead

Glasgow off too…

feared this :frowning:

fucking gutted, was so pumped to see them off the back of how good this album is. Also can’t see them rescheduling just the Scottish dates, so might be having to wait for their next UK tour in a few years … I guess maybe if they have to ditch the whole rest of the tour they might come back quicker, but then I don’t want that to happen for the rest of the fans! fuck england jkjk

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Noooooo, so gutted. The new record has been such a good companion these past few months, was properly excited about seeing them :frowning:

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Been learning the songs from the last few albums I’d ignored too, setlist studies! Been deep into them basically listening to nothing else but albums and bsides for a week now

Yeah same! My excitement was peaking at exactly the right time. Barras too, ffs :frowning:

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could make it up to us by bringing the Postal Service/DCFC tour over.

not at the Academy though


manchester cancelled too now.

beyond gutted

Now just hoping they’re alright and it’s nothing too serious

yeah, hopefully it’s just a bug that means his voice has gone for a few days, and nothing too long lasting

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Seems he’s lost his voice: