Death Cab/Ben Gibbard

Glad I braved the protests and piles of shite on every street corner to see them in Paris last week. They were on such good form. Was going to do Glasgow/Manchester too.

The real kick in the bollocks is the lack of reschedule. I can handle the can being kicked down the road, less so the can being, er, removed from the road entirely, as it were.

Confirmed in this interview yesterday that we ain’t getting the anniversary tour either. Fair play to them for taking the nostalgia cash while it’s on offer, but there is something ever so slightly sad about them releasing their best album in years and years and then completely rushing through the touring cycle for it.

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Yeah I said above that I get just rescheduling for a few dates on a different continent would be really hard (presuming they finish the rest of the English dates), but still shite. And with that run of June and September/October shows they have … November at best? Getting in before June won’t happen, and can’t see them heading over in the summer festival season

Which I’d be fine with, but would they justify coming back that soon, especially if it wont be a full scale tour, and if they’re just coming off the back of the big sell out (success, not as a judgment) anniversary tour … hmm

I like the statement, seems very genuine. Though idk, their June run of shows looks like back to back to back gigs, so can’t see how this tour is any diff from what their normal routine is - guess being in a band is a world of tight margins at the best of times

Not often you see a band critiquing their own shows either, unless there’s some big “incident” to apologise for

(Sorry everyone. This does suck. A pal posted this though, and I thought it was quite funny.)


it’s funny cos it’s true


Hey! I wo’neigh hear a bad word said about a night in with Captain Oats.


I will be very sad if Tuesday is cancelled :confused:


Must be brutal for a mid-level band like this to be cancelling dates. Just money pissed away on hotels, transport, gear hire, etc.




Couldn’t stay home, thankfully, so instead I brought a likeness of Captain Oats to the Death Cab gig.


I swear the sound is quiet tonight and it’s almost keeping the crowd quiet. almost


It was a bit muted all right. It was only when the band went loud that the mix really sounded great.

Still has a great time though

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I like the mix throughout, and thankfully the crowd were quite quiet for the most part, but it was low volume, imo

I enjoyed the whole thing, almost because of it.


I loved it, never seen them before. Always had a soft spot for them. Folk talking a little too much, but still loved it


Yep, I thought the sound was pretty good. Never been to the roundhouse either, liked it (apart from the posts, but roof might fall down otherwise I guess).

was looking into trying to tie my potential NYC autumn trip in with the Transatlanticism/Give Up tour - partly to compensate for the cancelled date here, partly just cos it would be amazing

the dates look promising but the prices, eeesh. Can’t seem to find a standing ticket to NYC or Boston for under $200, and that’s even before fees! Is it just since it’s a big anniversary tour, or the particular venues, or are even DCFC getting affected by the whole dynamic pricing thing? Any insight from American fans most appreciated

That last album is so good. Listen to it at least once a week. Might be top 3 Death Cab for me