Death grips live



seeing them in Limelight for the first time tonight. What can I expect? are they still as much of a trainwreck as when they started? (assuming that was true at all)


the only trainwreck was them not actually showing up, wasn’t it? they’re great live.


Had heard on various forums that it was full of zach Hill soloing off beat constantly- mustve been shite. I look forward to it, listening to the new album now


Saw them a few years back after NLDW and had a great time.

Couldn’t vouch for whether they were ‘good’ or not, their shows seem to be Ride mostly shouting over a track of his own vocals, and I love Zach’s drumming but he wasn’t even there that time (stuck in the US for some reason). But the audience were up for it and we all had a ball.


I wouldn’t go into it looking for technical proficiency. They just play short, loud, energetic and unrelenting sets that get the crowd hyped. It’s good fun.


sounds good, will get drunk and go. DOn’t have any id tho lols will be fun


bunch of cunts.


They were fucking magnificent at Primavera in 2013. One of the highlights of the whole fest.


Liked The Money Store, then I heard that birdz song they did - utter piss. Didn’t bother with their other stuff.


Remeber Fuck Buttons coming on after and, despite what was probably a decent performance, it seeming like an absolute snoozefest in comparison


No Love Deep Web is fucking shite, never really heard anything else by them. should probably check out The Money Store. them being such try-hard wankers is offputting though. what happened with that break-up?


The run of No Love Deep Web -> Government Plates -> Niggas on the Moon -> Fashion Week was pretty underwhelming. They seem to have shed a lot of their fanbase as a result. The two albums before and the two since are great.


The Money Store is obviously great, but I don’t get the hate for NLDW - really enjoyed that record.


saw them at Coachella in 2012 and it was great

that was probably the last time i ever really though about death grips though tbh


wow, hard to imagine fuck buttons being boring !!






Saw them at sound control in manchester years ago and they were brilliant


the gig was really fucking great btw, perfect drunk music


It was the sound of DG buying into their own hype and creating an album that seemed to cater to their infamy. NLDW was the equivalent of Marilyn Manson actually getting his ribs removed so he could live up to all the rumors.


NLDW is probably their 2nd best album tho. Couldn’t ask for a better opener than Come up and get me