Death Rock

Christian Death and etc. You into it? Where’s a good place to start? Notable examples?

Listening to this

I like it

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That’s the only good Christian Death album


Really? I chose it almost at random tbh

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Only Theatre of Pain’s the only one worth looking at agreed but it’s a classic


Romeo’s Distress <3

any records in particular?

do flesh eaters count? probably not, they are great though

Virgin Prunes might be something like you’re looking for.

Just be warned, this musical rabbit hole can lead to Gothdom.

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this is now the gothy post punk thread


Should I break out the Bauhaus then?

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You definitely should

Well this should be close enough to what @ericVI is looking for

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sorry, was on phone

also forgot about Belgrado

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ho is bauhaus

also, TSOL’s early work

Belgrado are so ace, brilliant live too

funny that they were friends with U2,
a new form of beauty is amazing

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