Debut albums that spawned a scene




New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Ignoring EMI’s suggestions to play it punk and all the better for it. Major influence in its way on Thrash and that artwork too.


That and Faith No More - The Real Thing


Was just about to post through the wire in the debut singles thread, and the college dropout definitely fits for this one


Always seen this album as RHCP meets The Clash in the best of places, Great album and scene changing rather than creating maybe but kudos :slight_smile:


The scene it sparked was regrettable. Might not have really started a scene but it was definitely a pre-cursor to Nu-Metal


My first thoughts hearing the RATM debut were confusion then instant acknowledgement that they were the genuine article. It’s a classic album no matter how one looks at it. FNM were before but from a completely different angle.


*The Real Thing isn’t their debut either. May be admissible as the debut with Patton but…


American Nervoso by Botch


Full Collapse by Thursday



The first pop-punk/melodic hardcore album:





What scene did this spawn?


Further up thread I conceded that it might not have actually spawned a scene but it was perhaps a spark to some of the more rap orientated Nu-Metal


Northwest punk/indie/twee which eventually spawned Nirvana:

UK’s version of the same-ish thing

Riot grrrl:


I’d argue, like “grunge”, that’s more a trend than a scene though


Yeah you’re absolutely right


“Post-rock” is a bit of a silly term which can be traced back to Slint and Talk Talk but certainly within their respective (and later, wider) scenes:


Mogwai had so much out before that album that really it was a scene that was waiting for a full album.


Grunge was definitely a scene, wasn’t it? Not sure how you can think otherwise? The whole ripped jeans a flannel thing, etc. @JohnM can maybe offer comment.