Dec 1 evening

Hi hi

Going for meat


Starving. Waiting to get weans in bed before sorting something for dinner. Not used to such a late dinner .
Might even sneak a wee beer before bed.

Absolutely knacked as didn’t sleep all that well last night.

Pizza ordered for dins

Watch football

No beers tonight

A meat meat


Very long day selling beer to posh people. Mrs F wasn’t feeling up to shopping so we had chips lasagna for tea. Got a mountain of work to do tomorrow and another Christmas market to work on Saturday so might try for an early night.

Had a small whisky to prepare for the freezing cold walk, and some hash browns for stomach lining

Gonna get ready soon to head out - two free parties held by arts mags, gonna hoover up all the free cake and booze I can, enjoy some music, have a laff, wander home after midnight and get some chips - most likely course of events




It’s my brother’s turn to cook tonight. We’re having Spanish omelette and salad at his suggestion. Should be good.
Can’t believe he’s finally moving away from his default cheap and nasty meat meals. Success.


Decorations are :arrow_up:

Had a big Chinese takeaway for dinner



Hello! Need some energy please to do all the things I need to do.

@colon_closed_bracket how are the big bunnies? :rabbit: :rabbit:

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They’re doing very well thank you! :blush: Here’s cheekster 2 feeding them a couple of days ago

They are very happy - we’ll often see them binkying about and digging little holes in their enclosure. All the good signs of them loving life :heart_eyes:



A drink and two snacks in 20 mins, strong start


Off on me holibobs in the morning :dancer:


I’m knackered, had a right busy week. So it’s nice to be just sitting on the laptop this time of an evening relaxing (even though I do have some stuff I should probably have a look at getting on with).

Went to that album listening club in Birmingham where they played all 4 CDs of Zaireeka simultaneously (pretty cool thing to experience!) I was incredibly shy and probably came across like a strange weirdo man but I’d definitely love to go back another time


Nice to know you were able to blend into the crowd!


I was melancholically reminiscing about my childhood pet rabbits the other day. When it was rainy and windy it got me thinking about how we used to bring the rabbit’s hutch in from the garden and let him have free run of the like laundry room or whatever you’d call it. Must have been great for the rabbit - got a massive bedroom with a washing machine and a fridge and that.

And then that reminded me of how he used to jump on the sofa in the evenings to sit with everyone; and then reminded me of the rabbit we had after who was kind of angry and stamped and growled a lot but was really tiny when she had her occasional and very necessary haircut

That event sounded so cool

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Really enjoyed it! Someone complemented my John Cage reference when we all had to describe the album in one word

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