Someone was passing round those Guilian praline shell chocolates earlier and it reminded me of one Christmas time in our office where we had an absolutely massive bag of them. I ran out of golden syrup to put in my morning porridge so starting adding two of those chocs in and my god it was the best thing ever, if completely decadent for breakfast every morning.

What little (or big) acts of decadence do you have in your routine?


nothing, Im a bit of a scrubber really :upside_down_face:

Two breakfast pastries from Co-op on a weekend morning. Usually still full by lunch.

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Not had any ridiculously indulgent meals lately?


I’m not pouring custard over a maple pecan plait, that’s ridiculous.

spaghetti hoops on toast…? naaah.

err last time I treat myself… :thinking:

nope, dunno.

This post got me excited for Christmas where you can just eat and drink what you want and it’s all absolutely fine


The other night I was very hungry and had fish and chips stuff in the freezer

Ended up having a fish sandwich (off brand homemade fillet o fish) and a chip sandwich, and a few extra chips

Felt pretty decadent

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Come on man, live a little. What you treat yourself with right now if you could?

It’s fine all the time imo :woman_shrugging:


Saving myself for mexico tbh :partying_face:

Oooh how many tacos are you going to eat?

I just don’t know :sweat_smile:

all of them

I generally have one really fancy olive oil and one fancy parmesan on the go at all times - and generally throw them on just about everything.

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Expensive nights out

Bathing in truffle oil? Double cream in your coffee?

I say that this is just routine for you now - you’re going to have to up your game to be actually decadent.

Great, now I’m listening to Head Automatica