Well recent decades have had no real ring to their name. Noughties, Tens… that’ll be 20 years of no name nothings. Will the new 20’s subconsciously hark back to the 1920’s? Does this make any sense? An era of music can be defined by the decade i.e. 80’s music or am I just rambling? Thoughts?

No idea what youre on about here

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Times have changed as I think you know. No such thing as a decade in music anymore, sadly or not. The last ten years of music have been both shite and utterly amazing depending on how you look at it and who you’ve been listening to.

I prefer to look at the positives

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Oo I bit

Me neither. It makes a smidgeon of sense though. Rounded decades may make a difference.

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Great Joy Division track


was really hoping this was a thread about a new post-punk(wish) band called Decades.

Referring to “the 80’s” or “the 60’s” is just a quick way of letting the other person know what period of music you are talking about. Obviously there are pifalls. No decade was musically homogeneous, to state the bleeding obvious.

Perhaps the best illustration of this is the 1960s. The early 60’s was a time of Neil Sedaka, Dion and the Belmonts, the Ronettes/Shirelles/Shangri-las/any number of other girl bands, and Brian Hyland singing about itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis. By the latter half of the decade you are getting ambitious album opuses such as Sgt Pepper, Days of Future Passed, and Electric Ladyland.

Much the same could be said of the 70’s. The early 70’s saw the rise of art rock, progressive rock, whatever you want to call it. Up to about 1975 popular music seemed to be building on what had gone before, taking it to greater heights or putting its head up its own arse, depending on who you talk to. That all changed towards the end of the decade, when things sort of imploded and you had the rise of punk and New Wave in an attempt to get back to the original simplicity of pop.

I like to refer to the “Sixventies”, from about 1966 to 1975, as a well-defined identifiable period in music. This is not my term, but I rather like it.

My point? Use terms like “the 60’s” as a quick reference point, but be prepared to qualify it if need be.

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Let’s arbitrarily make our own “decades” for categorising music

1919-1939 - the jazz age
1939-1945 - n/a
1946-1952 - How much is that doggy in the window
1953-1964 - rock n roll baby
1965-1975 - rock baby
1976-1983 - punk’d
1983-1989 - oooooh I wanna dance with somebody
1990-2003 - blokes with guitars
2004-20… I got old around here somewhere