Decanting thread


An excellent thread about people who choose to put their cereal in tupperware containers. Never, never understood it.
have also seen some people do it with milk WHAT THE HECK

Obvs we all decant our fine wines but what else?

For me - tea (of course), sugar - stops it getting damp. that’s it.




I don’t think I’ve decanted anything since I stopped working in a lab.


Tea: yes

Mr pn puts his granola in a large kilner jar.

When we move I suspect we’ll be doing more of this to stop the mice from getting in :anguished:


crisps if people are coming round


where do you keep teabags?


oh: spices (but I can’t really be fucked to do this any more)


actually we do that just for ourselves, into a nice bowl…


They live in their respective teabag box. Reckon we’ve got maybe eight or nine different boxes on the go at the moment.


you’re de only cant in here, mate


olive oil. I have quite a few different pourers for my many oils.

do it quite often with biscuits too.


oh and coffee


yeah this too

and balsamic vinegar


Might start doing this with the nice tin my valentine’s day coffee came in, if I can live with the crushing guilt.


sugar, teabags, currently lentils cause we had a big bag and the bag ripped but this isn’t a lifestyle choice, the same has happened occasionally with pasta in the past(a)


I have a few of these that I decant things into

I keep the following things in them:

  • basmati rice
  • risotto rice
  • coffee
  • sugar
  • cous cous

I also have a couple of tea caddies, one for normal, one for decaf


Dry cat food (“kibble”), because the cats learned how to make a tear in the old cardboard box and tip it to release the treats. But good luck opening the tin, you thumbless freaks.


HANG ON: peppercorns.


just get out your new bass and serenade your good lady in your lovely easy coast lilt and the guilt will disappear


I put my weetabix into a spaghetti jar, as the cardboard box doesn’t stop crumbs falling everywhere.

We put peppercorns into the grinder.

It’s not decanting, but we put things like flour and sugar into sealed containers too.