Decanting thread


She’s the strongest advocate for me getting the bloody thing.

Probably because she knows if I don’t buy it I won’t shut up about it until somebody else does.


here we go


that is decanting in my book.

I buy flour in that homepride tub thing.


We still keep them in the bag they were bought in, so it’s not really decanting.


This is an excellent thread.

Let’s get etymological.

If “decanting” involves “putting things into other containers”, what is “canting”?

It’s singing, isn’t it?


i put coffee beans in a tin. think that’s it.


I put the lime in the coconut, and drank them both up.


rice, grains, flour, sugar etc.


Ah, eric has made his first instrument!


Tea leaves
Tea bags
The kids Weetabix
Quite a few for pasta

I think it looks neater and it keeps things like Weetabix fresher. We started doing it when we first moved in and there were mice.


Sesame seeds.


Tea bags into a tin.

Pasta, flour and sugar go in jars.

Pepper and salt gets decanted into their respective grinders as required.


I’ve just started decanting things actually. I basically went a bit bonkers in IKEA not long ago and bought too many jars, bags and tupperware boxes. That mixed with the fact I accidentally bought a 2kg bag of demerara sugar and I was worried about the granola going stale. It looks better I think! I’d go as far to say I love decanting things. LOVE it.


Everyone has one of these at home, obviously.


Kilner jars/bottles

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Used for long term storage of chronic… is that tory? Sheesh.


calling them ‘kilner jars’ instead of just jars

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Kilner is a fucking brand (a very tory one), the concept of the jar is obviously not tory in itself.


i just used it as a synonym for those ones you get with the rubber seal lids

obvs mine are just any old cheap ones from Wilkos or wherever