December 2018 Film DiScussion Thread



Doing a US list as well for some reason


Saw shoplifters. Its really very good


mubi’s way better than letterboxd


they always do, and there are quite big differences/reasons why


What’s it based on? I can’t see an explanation.


One list is films that came out in the UK in 2018, one is films that came out in the US in 2018


Okay, so the positions are different purely because, say, 3 more films came out in 2018 in the US better than Infinity War than did in the UK?


Something like that! Basically the UK list has stuff like Lady Bird in whereas the US list has stuff like The Favourite and If Beale Street Could Talk etc


Okay thanks. I guess it’s easier when you can directly compare the whole list.


Bohemian Rhapsody nominated for BEST drama at the Golden Globes, even though there’s a musical and comedy category.




a musical can still be a drama

Also, is it even a musical?


It’s a musical and it’s shite


Anyone know much about this stuff with Kevin Hart? I guess more specifically I’m seeing people drag him on Twitter because he refused to apologise about his grim hateful Tweets from ~8 years ago. He initially said something about how he’d apologised for them all ages ago, he’s a different person blah blah, and has now issued a weird non-apology anyway as well as stepping away from the Oscars.

But it doesn’t feel wildly separate from James Gunn and most of the noise I saw around Gunn was people claiming he’d changed and it was unfair to hold him accountable for stupid crap he said years ago.

Basically I’m asking we’re seeing a double standard here, because that’s what it feels like from this initial view? (And to be clear, regardless of who brought up Gunn’s old Tweets I don’t have a problem with Disney’s decision there, it seemed correct.)


Hosting the Oscars is a rubbish job anyway, just means having to trudge through four hours of lame gags.


Seems a little rough on Kevin Hart. Not saying he should just get a pass, but taking someone from an extremely chaotic background and expecting their views to be as enlightened as yours is a touch unfair IMO. But on the other hand, it seems like he’s been a touch stubborn about it.


Enjoyed Dogman. Early digital release on the Curzon app/website.


The Wanderers is really great, quite unheralded


I’d have been a lot more sympathetic to him if in his apology he had actually apologised. His tweets seem a bit different to James Gunn’s, in that Gunn’s seemed like poor taste jokes whereas Hart’s seem to be just outright homophobic