December 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


It’s all just window dressing, nobody minded what he’d tweeted when he was in various successful films (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Night School in the last 12 months) or doing sold out stand up gigs, now he’s chosen as Oscars host everyone is suddenly mad about his dumb views. It doesn’t matter who hosts it in the end, the material will be crap, the show will be crap, the ratings will be down because nobody watches live TV any more and conservatives will crow it’s because Hollywood is too liberal for salt of the earth Americans. And we’ll go through the same thing again next year.

And this is probably a win-win for Kevin Hart anyway, now he doesn’t have to host the Oscars and he gets some extra material for his next tour.


Just read this actually. Didn’t know it had been made into a film.


it’s on Mubi for one night left! it’s actually really good, not sure of how faithful it is though


Watched Die Hard 30th anniversary tonight-it’s aged well.


Also, would recommend The Old Man and the Gun as I saw it earlier this year at the Cambridge Film Festival, however, I must here state that this vouch is based on only four-fifths of the film as the picture shows the festival manager explaining that the projector had begun a one machine walkout.


Anything different? Is it just a cleaned up print or something?




Cold in July - enjoyable B movir this, liked it a lot more than I expected

The Conversation - absolutely wonderful


GoodFellas. Still one of the greatest films of all time. Whoever Ray Liotta’s agent was after 1990 must be the most incompetent person in Hollywood.


Sorry to Bother You - probably too scattershot to be a great film, but certainly a promising debut. I certainly didn’t see it going all Island of Doctor Moreau.

The Old Man & the Gun - kind of like a PG version of Heat. Nothing amazing, but sweet and charming and nice to see Sissy Spacek in a film again.


Bohemian Rhapsody has made over $600 million - the musician biopics will never stop now! sobs


Looking forward to the PJ Harvey biopic Lick my Legs in 2032 though


None of mine come up yet. Cemetery Junction near the top??


Three Identical Strangers - Really morbid and fascinating story, just wish it was told in a more disciplined way. The endless reconstructions were unnecessary when the story was strong enough to carry the narrative and some of the archive footage was repetitive. But yeah, what a fucked up story.


*Three Identical Strangers?


Wrong thread m7


That’s what it says



Aquaman made $94 million in its opening weekend in China, so Aquaman 2 already seems likely.


outside of ebbing, missouri