December 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


The new Transformers film is getting decent reviews, which is probably the most unexpected film news of 2018


big match john cena does it again!


It’s directed by the guy who did Kubo & the Two Strings, so not really.


Yeah, watched Three Identical Strangers today and had a similar reaction - bewildering and fascinating story but could’ve done more with it. Feels like they couldn’t find the right way to do the story justice, just quite formally by the numbers, and it kind of lacks the rage some of the subjects expressed throughout.


I watched Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse today, absolutely brilliant film, never seen anything like it stylistically. I enjoyed it way more than any of the other Marvel films, really glad I managed to convince the kids they wanted to see it and not Wreck It Ralph 2…


could be directed by fuckin kubrick i’m not watching a transformers film


But @japes, haven’t you heard? It’s set in the 80s in order to get that weird ‘obsessed with a shit decade’ dollar.


Took my daughter to see The Grinch. Actually zips along so not much of a chore to take your little ones to. Beyond that nothing particularly special.


My next film will be my 200th of the year, what should get this dubious honour? Run for your wife?




i noticed i was coming up to the 1,500th film i’d added on letterboxd so thought i better watch something good

but then forgot and just went to see overlord. which was pish.


Seeing all these US film writers talking about Vox Lux and there’s no UK release date yet :frowning:


How can even a silhouette look shitty?


Is that a boner?



why have they made him buff

hedgehogs aren’t buff




(Is hench just a Manchester word? If so please ignore this)




Oh god shoot this film in to my veins. Bring me destruction.