December 2020 releases?

What’s everyone looking forward to?

Nothing on my radar.

I’m looking forward to being released from my house


Good luck with that.

Sigur Ros
The Avalanches
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard ( actually not sure if this is a Nov or Dec release)


Out tomorrow isn’t it?

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That’s good! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

We were told Dear Tommy would be out this year so… any minute now, right?

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The Avalanches is the only one I can think of. There’s a Sigur Ros album but it’s not new material - some sort of orchestral collaboration from a few years ago.


from almost 20 years ago now isn’t it? I’ll still get it either way


See here as well:

Kruanghbin’s Late Night Tales
Son Lux - Tomorrows II
Com Truise - In Decay, Too
Nicholas Lens and Nick Cave - Litanies
Boldy James - Real Bad Boldy

It’s from 2002, which to be fair was the year they released (), so arguably their artistic peak. You can’t help wondering why it hasn’t come out before if it’s that great though…

Just perusing this and wondering how the fuck are Hollywood Undead still a band in 2020?