December 2020 UK Politics Thread - Deal or No Deal?

Brexit’s just going to be looked back on as a 2010s Suez Crisis isn’t it?


I think as the years go by and the effects kick in, it’s going to look worse and worse. A lot of brexiteers were claiming everything was going to be fine. This is when we were in the SM and CU.

A lot of analysts say it will be like a slow puncture

Nothing is ever enough for the likes of Farage is it. I mean Trump won and all him and his supporters did was spend 4 years moaning. I guess grievance is the point, there’s no actual idea of what they want changed beyond immunity from any responsibilities.


He doesn’t actually want to be in power, because he’d have to do some actual work that includes boring bits, rather than shooting his mouth off on tv and then going for a pint.


Very similar mentality to Suez as well:

“Egypt wants the Suez canal back because it’s in Egypt? We won’t negotiate properly, because that’s beneath us, we’ll use force and brinkmanship because of jingoistic sovereignty/ego arguments, and when we get our arse kicked sideways, we’ll try to frame it as a victory.”

Of course Anthony Eden then resigned.


Not sure where to put this so putting it here.

Made a rolling thread to put these in:


Worst thing about journalists is that they act like the above and then if you say you hate journalists they act like you’re just like a Trump supporter


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You’re not going anywhere, peasants. Know your place (working for my tax-offshored company on a minimum wage ZHC contract).


Nah the worst thing about journalists is that they are absolute charltans that will give a story about themselves murdering their mother if it meant they got higher up the greasy pole.

Whole thing was aimed at retaining the free movement of capital whilst shutting off the free movement of workers with it. The ordinary people who voted for it have shot themselves in both feet to spite some Polish plasterers.


Oh but Lukasz doesn’t count. What do you mean he isn’t doing any more bookings and is going back to Poland? Who is going to plaster my wall?

Quite the collection, that. I must be missing something on the HIGNFY one, though - how does that fit with the rest?

Yeah I didn’t quite get that. Probably satire within satire.

Isn’t it a defence of the government’s initial covid strategy? Dismissing critics of it as faceless twitter people trying to take on an expert, even though there were loads of other countries’ responses to compare the UK shitshow to? Reads like a joke that aged extraordinarily badly to me.

Ah, that context makes sense. Shit joke. Initially read it as a dig at social media (fake) gobshites.

I stand to be corrected, but as I understand it, Uk national musicians, artists, film makers etc will be allowed to go to the schengen area and work without a visa for up to 90 days (3 months).

They’ll effectively be in the same boat as US bands, any longer than 3 months and you need a visa, but you’d suppose those doing a tour longer than that would have financial backing to help make the arrangements…

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I’m not an expert by any means but I read this article in the Indy where they speak to several music industry bodies/ professionals:

I just hope that musicians can continue to tour in Europe/the EU without too much hassle and that it won’t be much more costly than at present.


Also, Mozilla Mail? WTF, it’s Thunderbird as far as I know, and has been since the early 2000s!