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Reckon the press decided not to run the Christmas party thing at the time or do you think they just found out

  • Just found out
  • Always knew and are attempting the most pathetic coup ever

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Most pathetic coup ever? Angela Eagle and Owen Smith say NO


To be fair, running a story about Christmas parties in July has sone serious relevance limitations. Running now as everyone gets to the point where they’re having to worry about nixing their plans gets you a lot more bang for your buck.

Its a fairly easy to understand editorial decision.

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I do realise I’ve just answered “it’s more complicated” to a DIS poll question so could well have been Wolfcastled

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That’s a mental image I didn’t need


They knew at the time, as several lobby journalists and their sources were at the parties.

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Confirms the going for the best timing point.

Could also put in the descent into fascism thread. Horrifying

Don’t think anyone expected a different result tbh

Although this made me laugh

Excellent analysis


Tories have held Old Bexley and Sidcup with a much-reduced majority.

10 per cent swing to Labour on a low turnout, the Tories still got more than 50 per cent of the vote. Seems like voters had reasons not to vote Tory, but not enough to actually switch to a different party.

I think the most interesting thing about this is the return to an informal Labour/Lib Dem pact - the Lib Dems didn’t fully stand aside, but they didn’t put any resources into a seat they had no chance of winning. Labour are expected to return the favour at the upcoming North Shropshire by-election, another Tory safe seat that neither Labour or the Lib Dems have any chance of winning. However, if this informal pact were to continue into the next election, there are a lot of Tory MPs that would likely lose their seats (including Iain Duncan Smith, Dominic Raab and maybe even Boris Johnson).

Yeah I’d spotted all the Progressive Alliance lot out and about again recently.

Not onboard because (1) involves the Liberal Democrats and (2) assumes that it won’t backfire and be seen as a clear attempt to manipulate the system, and just driving support for the Tories.

And even ignoring those factors, the best it can offer is 261 Labour MPs, which is roughly what 2017 delivered, and some kind of rainbow coalition useless sludge government. What’s the point?


Also, there was an attempt to do this at the last election. Amongst others, It handed Kensington back to the Tories.

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Yeah, I agree, the public historically hasn’t liked this kind of thing and so it has the potential to backfire. Although Farage’s manoeuvring in 2019, standing down candidates in Tory-held seats, that didn’t seem to go down too badly with those on the right.

And yes, I’d love for the Labour party to run a campaign based on the same principles as 2017 and I think it ought to. However, I’d still take a rainbow coalition useless sludge government over what we have now.


Sure - but we all know the same rules don’t apply to all sides in politics.

Fwiw I’m not one of those “there’s no point” types, I do see differences between Starmer’s Labour and the Tories, and I know they would be sufficiently different in governments

I don’t like the Progressive Alliance types because they’re all basically disaffected Lib Dems and they posit it as the only way Labour can win. I - naively or not - still believe that Labour can win by just being bette, and I dislike things that let the leadership off the hook.

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This has convinced me!

So very good at politics, very good, very good.


Blatantly? lol, that’s a odd misspelling of probably


Aha I knew I was a fucking idiot!


Ah come on the peterloo massacre was ages get over it