December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome)

Just to annoy the guy who has his thread prepped for 8am on the 1st of every month really. I can take or leave 'em.


shrugs Whatever you say

4th December
County Lines (VOD)
Falling (VOD)
A Girl From Mogadishu (VOD)
Murder Me Monster (VOD)
One Way to Moscow (VOD)
A Christmas Carol (new adaptation)
Crock of Gold (Shane MacGowan documentary)

11th December
Il Mio Corpo (VOD)
The Mole Agent (documentary) (VOD)

14th December
American Utopia (VOD)

16th December
Wonder Woman 1984

18th December
Let Him Go
Come Away
The Racer

25th December
Blithe Spirit
Soul (Disney+)


Thanks for doing these @kiyonemakibi

I’m looking forward to old Manky Mank this month, and would add Farewell Amor and The Woman Who Ran to your list, both coming to Mubi.

There’s been some great new films at home in October, my highlights include Love Child, About Endlessness, Collective, Fireball, the first three Small Axe (Lovers Rock my highlight), Overseas and Happiest Season x


November films (action themed month)

New to me: 19
Rewatch: 7
Best: The Elephant Man, The Wicker Man
Worst: Atomic Blonde

Also Showgirls which deserves a whole category of its own

Ah yeah, I didn’t list all the Mubi stuff, I use this as reference, and that has a fair few listed for this month

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40 films watched (all new to me)
Best - His House, Home, Fear eats the soul, Tokyo Sonata, Relic.
Worst: God hep the girl

absolute HORSESHIT/10


30th November DiS: feels like the film threads aren’t really very inclusive and inviting

1st Dec: @bugduv: “Hold my beer!”


Really do want to see WW1984, but there’s not a cinema open within about 150 miles of me.

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Yeah, although I feel it can never live up to how great that trailer was worked into the Blue Monday thing.

I have a little pile of “trailer was better than the film” and I’m afraid this will probably land on it.

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Typically I forgot the two big Netflix releases this month - Mank on 4th December and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on 18th December. And One Night in Miami might be out in some cinemas from 26th December ahead of the Amazon Prime release in January

Still no sign on new release dates for Supernova and Another Round :frowning:

Happiest Season

Big let down this. Mackenzie Davis plays a shitty girlfriend with no clear redeeming features. Dump her Kristen! Curious to know if Dan Levy can play anything other than himself, though he is good at that. Wish the whole film was just the Aubrey Plaza parts. 5/10

While We’re Young

Perfectly enjoyable scene to scene but not really that interested in a male filmmaker writing a film about male filmmakers. Naomi Watts and Amanda Seyfried underserved. Weird diversion in to the authenticity of documentary filmmaking too. 6/10.

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Yeah, pretty much agreed on Happiest Season, shares a lot of DNA with Meet the Parents but nowhere near as funny. I thought While We’re Young was decent (and it has a funny trademark ‘Adam Driver flips out’ moment) but it gets a bit ‘old man yells at cloud’ by the end.

Yeah the biggest issue far and away with Happiest Season was that it simply wasn’t funny. Just loads and loads of rote comedy scenarios, and a really cliche comedy score too that let you know hijinks were happening. The mall cop scene with Timothy Simons and Lauren Lapkus was the funniest part to me, and it felt like it was lifted from another film entirelty.

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might go to the cinema tonight
should i go see the nick cave concert film? not the biggest fan but it’s got good reviews and that

Frankly at this point I miss the cinema so much I’d be tempted to go even if the only option was an Ed Sheeran concert film

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Woah, steady on.

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Watched 21

Best: Jaws, The Excorist, The Conversation, Paper Moon, Hairspray

Worst: Murder On The Orient Express

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London in Tier 2 so cinemas can open, but doesn’t look like anything is programmed at any of the Odeons. Has there been any sort of announcement about them not opening that I’ve missed?

Wouldn’t mind if they stopped making films now really. There’s enough of a backlog out there