December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome)

It reminded me a lot of Family Romance LLC in that its a superbly made film, well acted and you there is a good story there under the surface but ultimately its nothing

Not convinced by the Years and Years singer then?

Worth finding the extended version of T2 (if you didn’t see it already) as I think the extra stuff is good, even if the pacing is buggered up.

Have you seen True Lies? I have a feeling it will be full of a lot of problematic stuff now unfortunately but it was the last proper action film he did.

(The extended version of The Abyss is worth seeing too if you’ve not, which I believe is the only version you can get now. It is a huge HUGE slab of cheese but fun with it.)

Delighted that the “Silly Games” segment of Lover’s Rock has been nominated “scene of the year” on AvClub. Obviously not LOADS of competition in 2020 but it was a lovely piece of cinema (on the telly obvs).

The downside is I’ve had Silly Games as an earworm for about 3 weeks now.


Just watched See You Yesterday and my word did I love it. Never seen a film so casually and successfully balance teen energy with heavy subjects, whilst being fun, sad and clever as hell.


I’ve never heard of this at all before.

It’s now added to my watchlist.

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thought it had a lot of potential which it didn’t really deliver on, liked the first half… didn’t really care for the ending and I don’t think it was necessary to have her run around, lost, confused and frightened for half the film for us to get the idea!

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Hope you like it. I am shit at writing about movies (or music) but it really landed for me. Found it on a list of hidden gems of Netflix.

Added to my list too

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Yeah it just amounted to nothing really. Nice to see Uzbekistan featured though

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some strange choices in there. a scene from the Old Guard? c’mon

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that Vast of Night scene really was perfect

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I’ve had this on my watchlist for ages. You might have just pushed me to finally get round to it!

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Feeling the pressure now, but my review remains: LOVED IT.

But you lot are more cultured than me.

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watching this RIGHT now

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Thought was Mank was pretty decent

Took me a while to get used to the retro affectations but it’s quite immersive

Even though it moves along at a snappy pace it feels like a slow burner


yeah i liked mank

Amanda Seyfried steals it.

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Hope Criterion UK do this as well