December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome)

Mubi App seems to have updated itself and now has library on it. Hooray!

Sometimes you just can’t get rid of an f-bomb

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If anyone listens to Kermode’s film show, he’s been banging on a bit about a film called Adoration not having a UK release - it’s on BFI Player subscription now if anyone’s interested

oh also Anthony Perkins looks EXACTLY like Andrew Garfield and it’s fucking mad

On PS4 too!?!

i love how red, white and blue uses geometry, it’s stuck with me the most of steve mcqueen’s films…

the opening scene, with the police opening the musical instrument box is mirrored later in the opening of the locker. the early scene a farce, but both horrifying. with the locker room look at the contrast between the naked bodies and their silent opacity as to who wrote that. how they disinterestedly disperse is mirrored in the following scene, when he tries to engage with the youths. the one who’s interest is piqued by the band imagination being mentioned, but then checks himself is a great bit of acting. nothing works for leroy with them, neither that blunt namedropping tool or wit “that’s inspector judas to you!”. similar to how he can’t get through to colleagues, blanking him again at the snooker table confrontation. messes up their game- a rectangle where the white ball hits balls of colour into pockets. that right angle thing visually indicates when things are going wrong in the film and curves when things are ok- all the curves when he’s in the lab- petri dish, dial, circular light? eye, microbes in quick succession. the lab lamps are circular too, like the ones when he’s safe in bed with his wife. the running track is curved as opposed to the linear bleep test in the police. his dad takes out a ruler, in vain to prove to the police they’re wrong. the records and hips spinning at leee’s house indicate safety. the chase scene in the factory is where this geometry thing jumped out most- everything grid-like in there.


Haven’t checked! Was just doing my daily check on mobile and saw that EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED

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I’m trying to get a few more releases of 2020 watched before submitting a top 10 to @roastthemonaspit
I’ve been looking at The Guardian’s top 50 first of all to see what was released this year.

Yesterday I watched:

Only The Animals - A brilliant French film on Netflix. It was in The Guardian’s top 50. Three interwoven stories of maybe five or six people. I won’t give away any plot at all. I’m not the smartest and didn’t see many of the plot turns (rather than twists) coming up. It’s not up it’s arse and not confusing at all but just makes for a very well constructed and well made film. 8.5/10.

Dick Johnson Is Dead - You probably seen it if not heard of it. For me it was more a story of loss and holding those dear to you close. I like those films that make me want to be less selfish than I really am (even for a short while). 8/10.

Step Brothers - The Will Farrell and John C. Reilly comedy. It was my watch towards the end of last night when the drinks kicked in and I wanted something dumb to watch. Excellent cast but it’s a bit shit. Started off ok went downhill fast. I really like Farrell’s recently Eurovision but even booze couldn’t stop me from getting bored with this one. 3/10.

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Step Brothers is so bad

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yes but

Tenet then: really stupid, really fun.

It’s like he just took the stuff from Inception everyone enjoyed and ditched the thinky/explainy bits.

Also I’ve seen 3 films at the cinema this year and 2 of them starred Robert Pattinson.

He’s a secret lemonade drinker
R-Patz R-Patz


Watching Small Axe: Education and tearing up at half 12 on Tuesday afternoon.


interesting! i never noticed this, but i’m not always good with the small details

i remember my film lecturer at uni pointing out that in one of wes anderson’s films there’s a circle in every frame, can’t remember which one it was

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i forgot to mention welles’ performance as the advocate…such a weird, eerie, perfect little performance

can barely his muttering, he’s like a grandiose slug lying on that bed

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Reviews now coming out

Announced earlier that we’re not getting downgraded (probably for the best) so no chance I’ll see this anytime soon :frowning:

What?! Where?! When?!