December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome)

It’s not actually that bonkers and is a bit anticlimatic. It’s very strange when it happens but I think it’s been blown out of proportion. It isn’t like Serenity or Book of Henry or Last Christmas - all films that intend to really surprise the audience and linger on the twist.

But anyways, here’s what happens: He spends the whole film going through a will they/won’t they get together with Emily Blunt. They’ve never been together, but she wants to marry him. He’s never reciprocated these feelings, and actively avoids asking her out. Towards the end of the film she bullies him into asking her out, and demands an explanation for why he’s not into her. He says that he is a bee. A “honey bee”. She doesn’t believe him, but the next few minutes are him saying that he is actually a bee, though he doesn’t get into any details e.g. when he started thinking this, what bee traits he has, whether he feels a kinship with other bees, etc. There are hints throughout the film that he is fond of bees, like when he doesn’t kill one and lets it out of his house. Soon after this revelation they get together and it’s forgotten about. Also forgotten about is that Emily Blunt maybe thinks she’s a Swan, but that doesn’t get as much air time, and she doesn’t say that in response to his bee statement.

So… I don’t think this was even thought of as a twist. I think it’s just supposed to be “quirky” or “whimsy” or whatever, but it lands incredibly awkwardly. You think the film is going to get into something psychological with this, but it doesn’t because within the film, it’s just a minor beat.


…is that it?! I saw someone saying it was as daft as Serenity ffs, never trust Letterboxd reviewers I guess

had way too much fun doing this

like alex wheatle and education, red, white and blue was deliberately set before the officially ‘important’, titled achievements of the protagonists. probably a good way to show life in the various periods, before the protagonists were big shots and when people maybe interacted with them differently.

it thought it showed well why logan was important at the time, representing an almost too good to be true all round excellence- articulate (the robert peele reference), academic(in the lab), athletic (track), leadership (riot shield/sledgehammer drill). how concise it was showing that and then how he was still shunned and blocked from promotion, despite clearly being overqualified. film gave us another flavour of that skills blocking, self sabotage with his colleague told not to communicate with the public in their language. ‘it even came across that the racists won’. i imagine you know about the continued underrepresentation in the police today, overrepresentation of stop and search and everything else, so…? logan said in film he was in it to improve things, guess it’s a never ending was a slight corrective to show this reality on primetime bbc 1 and with a hollywood actor (that ‘force’ reference was a real tap in, hey?) amongst a sea of all the cops= goodies, criminals=baddies propaganda we’re normally shown. think i’ve got a high tolerance for bleak films, though!

Carlitos Way is such a bop though. The pool hall scene and the chase through Grand Central “chefs kiss”

(Yes I’m repurposing an already out of date phrase for films I particularly enjoy now)

Didn’t realise The Endless Trench was on Netflix already (its Spain’s entry for foreign film at the 2021 oscars). About a man who goes into hiding during the Franco regime. A late contender for my film of the year. Speaking of… cough

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you must have a high bar for ‘pretty bonkers’


Probably a tongue-in-cheek comparison I’d imagine, no-one is taking the film very seriously, it’s clearly utter dogshit.

Wish I saw this post last night before deciding to watch Rebecca on there. :sweat_smile:

Oooohweee…The most unnecessary 2+ hour film since It Chapter 2. Whoever made those decisions needs to be put in the Fargo wood-chipper. Sadly Lily James doesn’t quite nail the fish out of water role being way too tight, forced and ott…and bafflingly the wardrobe given to her seems 30 years out of place. Everything and everyone looks gorgeous and everyone and everything is a little off.

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Wolfwalkers is great. The animation in Cartoon Saloon films is almost too good, I find myself just staring at each frame in awe and forget to follow the plot sometimes.

Colo(u)r Out Of Space was absolute guff.


First Cow will never get a UK release at this rate :frowning:



Gunna take my letterboxd info and turn it into some (relatively) fun data stuff.

If you want to join in (this will take 2 minutes):

I’ll run everything into Tableau at some point next week and make it all public and we can have a nerd out.

Positive reacts only

  • Good idea, I’m in!
  • Good idea, but I don’t have letterboxd
  • Bad idea, fuck off

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Great idea but I basically watched nothing this year. Will do it in 2021!

I have emailed letterboxd to gain access to their beta API but they haven’t responded. Either way once I’ve set it up it should just be a case of appending data to the Google sheet and it working forever

You love data and raw numbers

Not a fan of raw numbers if I’m honest. But converting raw numbers into aggregated information for real insight and informed business decisions really gets my motor running

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Thank you for clarifying

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Wait a sec… I’ve always just set my star rating and leave it at that. Do all you do the log thing as well?

(I opened up my csv file and have columns but no data.)