December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome)

In terms of the female leads, the contrast between Marion (capable, independent, self-sufficient, quite happy to tell Indy when he was being a twat) in ROTLA and Willie Scott in IJATTOD is… striking. I mean, Crystal Skull was – beyond the opening – utter pish, but it did at least know which of them to bring back.

One of my favourites. Probably in my top 20-30
So fucking odd and imaginative. Antonia Bird was such a loss.
Love the music too.

Great film


yeah I’m surprised it’s not mentioned more,don’t think I have ever really seen it spoken about but I really liked it. Got the balance of comedy/horror/intrigue just right

It’s not on Netflix so it doesn’t exist unfortunately

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Bought the soundtrack ages ago! Bloody love it! So wonky.

Watching Mank and it’s delightful but too fast paced for my tired brain. Gonna have to watch it again to absord everything I think.

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I’m really looking forward to watching it again after I see Citizen Kane (again) at the cinema tomorrow ha

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Haven’t seen Day For Night.

I’ve only seen 400 Blows and Jules et Jim of his. Would recommend them both.

It was always dreadful. I mean I enjoyed it in the cinema but I was 9.

Find it interesting that the opening is decent enough and then the film proper is just all over the place in terms of tone, which is basically true of Return of the Jedi, the year before. I’m guessing Lucas’s divorce hit him hard…

(Also fuck anyone who is fine with them escaping an exploding plane on an inflatable raft that then goes over a waterfall but gets all, “BUT NUKING THE FRIDGE” about Crystal Skull, frankly :smiley: )

When I finally saw the 1m 06s cut footage in the US version of Temple of Doom I was pretty disappointed. I’d hoped maybe it made the film work better but it’s actually more comically ludicrous if anything.

I wonder if the BBFC gave them a list of cuts for Gremlins to get a PG or if it was just too much.

It’s so horrifically bleak and violent it’s hard to imagine it but I guess they could have done. Still, we all had Gremlins lunch boxes, bags and flasks and stuff in Primary school.

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Nice! There’s really so much going on and a lot of people’s accents I actually found hard to follow too so I felt like I was trying to catch up for a fair bit of it! The editing in particular was pretty stunning though, and everyone’s amazing in it. I’m always over the moon when Gary Oldman isn’t in a shit film now!


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Today is The Empire Strikes Back, Citizen Kane and Mank. I’ve been looking forward to this… (Tomorrow is It’s a Wonderful Life and A Muppet Christmas Carol. Got to make the most of my final two days off.)


Minari not coming out in the UK until early April :frowning:

"BBFC Director James Ferman explained in a letter to production company Amblin Entertainment that the accumulation of horror was too much for a PG certificate in the UK, and making cuts or reductions to scenes would “damage a good film and undermine what it is you are trying to do”.



doesn’t exist

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Decided to watch the worst rated Christmas film on Letterboxd last night (average rating: 0.8).

You know what, it was actually really quite bad!


Oh wow. Take your time to let all the text on this poster soak in…