December Politics Thread

Feel that this is a very uncharitable take. Whilst I can see how this argument would hold up from a purely political theory perspective, and as much as I haven’t been on board with the SNP in the past (spoiled ballot in indyref1), in reality it’s a very hard corner to argue that the SNP have favoured a shit U.K. government that hurt their people rather than one that does less catastrophic damamge to the people of Scotland, even if ultimately it could negatively impact their own narrow interests.

Also some minister I’d never heard of before resigned?

EDIT: rewritten first paragraph cause I realise that I misread part of the tweet

Sam Gyimah, my local MP. Known as silent Sam in Caterham for being absolutely useless and only hearing or seeing him when he needs a vote.

I obviously don’t vote for him.


Who’s going to suggest using eagles to patrol the Northern Ireland border now that he’s gone?

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:smiley: for real?

Ah, I mis-remembered. It was prisons:


There was me thinking Roy Hodgson and co had better things to do.


I mean as a member of the Conservative party there is a fairly high chance that he sees the Republic of Ireland as a prison whose inhabitants need to be kept away from “civilisation”. So you’re probably not as far away as you think?

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Realise this is a naive thing to say, but I think poltical parties probably should tell the electorate what they’ll actually be voting for. I mean you wouldn’t buy, say, insurance from a firm that doesn’t tell you what the policy covers and how much you’ll pay until you sign up for 5 years.

Obviously all parties do this, not just the two you’ve mentioned.

From the linked Times article:

Labour rules out SNP deal

So be it. Also, what DB said.

McDonnell says second independence vote will not be traded for power.

False premise. Whether the Scottish Government holds an independence referendum or not isn’t really something the UK Government can ‘trade’. I guess, similarly, the SNP doesn’t have any particular ‘power’ that Labour would need to ‘trade’.

All told, as things stand, this is a diversionary discourse drenched in speculation that suits the current UK Gov quite nicely, so I’m loathe to give it much weight.


The resigning MP was the Universities Minister so because of work I know some stuff about what he’s done in that role. He’s been very much on board with encouraging tackling the mental health crisis - the government commissioned Student Minds to create a mental health charter for universities - but has been waving his willy about banging on about how universities should act ‘in loco parentis’ which has caused some consternation in the sector.

The Times Higher Education awards were on Thursday so I’m pretty sure he just wanted his free ticket to that before resigning. Managing director at my company met him at the awards and his evaluation was “There’s nothing there: you can tell everything he says has been whispered in his ear by a SPAD a few minutes earlier.”

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Just caught up with last month’s thread…

Still got receipts for all the people who were friends with/friendly to the Literal Tory Staffers on here while the Tories were literally in government (there were three of them! On one ‘left wing’ messageboard!)

Anyway yeah to respond to the OP’s point, it’s really clear to me that nationalism is a cancer on the public discourse. I felt that first hand living in Glasgow during indyref, and it didn’t/doesn’t just affect the nats but everybody, including myself. The point the tweet in the OP is making is that nationalism realigns perceived interests, so while socialist policy is concerned above all with material interests, nationalism prioritises immaterial interests (an idealised conception of liberal democracy, vague principles of self-determination etc) which means that nationalists in government, even left wing ones, will have to decide sometimes whether to prioritise the material, or perceived immaterial interests of ‘the people’.

‘Ok letterbox, i’m just going to open my anus like this - and if you get shat through, it’s your own fault!’

The absolute boy looks like he’s had a blast at amlos inauguration

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Can’t remember where I saw it (Financial Times?) but some paper was delivering an extremely hot take about AMLO being more extremist and dangerous than Bolsonaro

Every day I’m relieved to have veered away from journalism :pray:

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This I assume.

Essentially using the same language about Mexico as they do about Venezuela. Meanwhile - exciting investment opportunities in Brazil!

Capitalism has its hands round the planet and is literally choking it to death.
It’s vile.
Can see why violent revolution has been so popular

Probably this one:

He’s just taking the piss now, isn’t he?

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The guy’s a jackass

The article predicts that AMLO will have a greater opportunity to put non-democratic measures in place than Bolsonaro, as he has a majority in both houses, whereas the Brazilian incumbent has no such luxury.

By the author’s own admission, this view is purely speculative and deliberately provocative. Mission accomplished, obviously.