December Politics Thread


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Lower voting age to six?


So loads of parents tell their kids which box to tick and people with families therefore get more votes.

I mean I’m all for reducing the voting age but 6 might be a smidge too young.


Kippers are dropping like flies.


Whoever runs this account is still knocking it out of the park.


The “smoking in pubs” wing of ukip just can’t believe what their party has become :((



WTF?! David Coburn is still an MEP?!! :neutral_face:


On the (falsely celebratory) bright side… no more UKIP elected representatives in Scotland!


This was great


this was really confusing to read at first


Just found this site during a spot of fact-checking.

Handy. And quite interesting to filter and browse through.

Point of note: No councils in Scotland have a party with a majority. So there’s a lot of coalition action. Where the SNP or Labour are the biggest party, they form a minority rule. Where they don’t, and the Tories are the single biggest party, the SNP and Labour swallow their pride and form a coalition to stop the Tories. Where SNP+Lab don’t have the numbers to form a majority, the fucking LibDems step in to shore up the numbers for the Tories.

Weirdo situations in Aberdeen and the islands are the exceptions.

A quick scan through the table for the whole of the GB seems to confirm the trend. Lab only join with Con in all-in ‘grand coalition’ situations.

Not definitive, or particularly surprising, but a bit of something to have in the background when considering who might be disposed toward buddying up with who in the coming weeks?


Weird Farage sees Marine Le Pen and AfD as acceptable but Tommy Robinson as beyond the pale. I’m not defending Yaxley-Lennon in any way, but it seems a lot cooler for these so-called anti-establishment types to distance themselves from people when they’re working class.

My point’s not so much about EDL guy as how UKIP (and Trump) pretend to be friends of the ordinary working man, and say “I love a pint and a fag just like you!” to the cameras but deep down think “Lol you’re all a bunch of dole sponging chavs, suckers.” (Though that’s also how Robinson’s made his dirty money.)


Also, I bet my house on Farage rejoining the Conservatives he’s spent years of claiming to despise.


I sing it to this :-/ (he’d love the homoeroticism)


So in response to Paul Nuttals of the UKIPs, Nigel Farage, David Coburn, and Suzanne Evans all quitting the party, the actual UKIP leader has quit EU the parliament grouping that UKIP are in (which is chaired by Farage).

We won! Get over it!

Heh. Leavers have somehow managed to go further with the ‘being a shit winner’ thing than the 2014/15 Better Together aftermath. Figures, I suppose. Kinda part of the same trajectory.


I know that you’re partially hoping for a bite but that last paragraph is a hell of a generalisation, man


How has he managed to make it about Sc- ah, I see.


How many parallels, connections, and repeat scenarios between the two do you need?


You mean between the leave and the yes campaigns?