Decent alternatives to Spotify?


Spotify is great, but I still maintain a library of MP3s. There is loads of stuff that isn’t on there so can’t rely on it 100%.


I can understand wanting to fit all your collection of mp3s on one device but when it’s just a streaming service I’d have thought it makes sense to download stuff as and when you want it, or wait til you’re on wifi. Had no idea they let you download anywhere near that many songs at once.


Yeah, I could probably do with one of those


And still available on eBay and Amazon. I just purchased a back-up for my very own treasured piece (just in case it fails, and just in case - one day - they are no more). Yet to test if it works. Charging up right now …


Yeah I guess. Just seems a bit much that I can’t also use it as a (sort of) library for my music when I’m paying £10 a month for it. It’s still a piece of music playing software after all.


Are they expensive though?

Anything over £100 is way too expensive for me but I guess maybe it’s actually worth the money to have that much storage.


Ah, yes, I did pay a lot more than GBP100, but if you are willing to take a risk on a refurbished or second hand model, perhaps you can get them for around that? But I don’t know, you’d have to look around. Guess there’s a risk involved, but you pays your money and you takes your choice - the cheaper you go, the greater the risk, I expect.

You know, even a 32GB iPod Touch new from Apple is over GBP150 (at least here in HK), so less than GBP100 is going to be a stretch for anything other than second-hand, I am afraid, realistically …


Ah well, I probably don’t need that much storage anyway. I might just go back to using MP3s and syncing them on my phone.


I’m using a 6-month free trial of Apple Music atm but I’ll be going back to Spotify afterwards.

I do like its integration with iTunes and Siri, but the app itself isn’t anywhere near as user-friendly as Spotify, and if you download in high quality (320kbps) and have a semi-decent pair of headphones/speakers, you will notice a quality difference with vs Spotify. It sounds a bit weedy by comparison.


Thought the opposite, Apple Music sounds better. Don’t be fooled by the 256 v 320 thing, they’re different file types.


I’d be gutted if my 160GB classic bit the dust.

Thought its time had come a couple of months back when it accidentally sat in a pool of milk for a while & sent the display crazy. A few days in a tub of rice later, the little champ was right as rain again :star_struck:


Aye. They don’t make 'em like that anymore …


Well aware of that, but I think Spotify sounds waaay better, particularly through my sonos stuff.


No one needs that much music. Even if you’re planning on travelling SE Asia or something, you’ll find plenty of wifi so you can switch things up. Just download a couple of dozen albums and actually listen to them, then swap them when you’re done.


Mine did recently, after the laptop died, so I’ve lost maybe around 20yrs of music there




That’s crap. I feel for you there. Have lost an ipod’s worth of music before - at the time, most was from CDs that I still had, so a pain to re-burn everything, but not much actually lost. I try and back up better now.

Makes me really reluctant to make a move over from physical media.


twice i’ve had laptops and mp3 players die or disappear around the same time, pain in the arse. most of my music is from CD so it’s just a case of endless re-ripping, and redownloading stuff from bandcamp etc but there’s certain things that like you’ve ripped from someone else or bought mp3s from a site that no longer exists that are hard to get back.

the second time, fairly recently, i had a lot of my stuff backed up but less than i thought i did. also have a couple of vinylz where the download codes have expired. have ended up ordering a cheap replacement laptop battery in the hope of reviving it long enough to rescue some music from it.


The download limit is annoying, especially as it’s much more/unlimited on other services, but last week I hit the 10,000 song library limit. Now that is some bullshit, I mean it’s just a bunch of links to albums, right? Might be enough to send me back to Deezer and just use free Spotify for discovery stuff.


Yeah, very true. I keep a back up of my iTunes library for that reason. Loads of stuff I found on Soundcloud, old mixtapes, vinyl rips, stuff of Boomkat, Bandcamp, that kind of thing.

Spotify is brilliant, but I find (with hip hop especially) that there is so much stuff that just isn’t on there. I guess due to stuff going out of print for sampling issues then never being re-released?