Decent anime on Neflix?

Finally got round to Attack on Titan. Good stuff!

Is Castlevania worth watching? Anything else out there to check out?



Ghost in the Shell: Arise is on there - anyone know if that’s good? Won’t be as great as Stand Alone Complex obvs, tachikoma 4 lief

Original Death Note is great :+1:

Castlevania is totally worth watching, very short, so bare that in mind

What anime stuff would you recommend for someone who isn’t into it but is up for giving it a try?

(PS I’m rinsing amzon prime trial thing at the moment so if it’s on there, that’s even better)

I watched one ep of castlevania, had zero clue what was going on.

sounds perfect!

Is Cowboy Bepop still on there? Haven’t seen but heard it’s meant to be pretty great.

This is the only one I’ve seen (save for a couple of episodes of Black Butler, which I want to go back to, and one of Full Metal Alchemist) and it was great. Not going to go near the new one.

It’s absolutely brilliant! Would recommend watching it definitely. Soundtrack is brilliant. Just really stylishly done.

Is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on there now? That’s an absolutely brilliant show. Once you get over the very anime styled expression changes which are a bit jarring considering the overall tone.

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dont think such thing exists, sorry

Depends what you’re after

One punch man
Gunslinger girl
Gurran Lagann
Sword art online
Deadman wonderland used to be on… but isn’t anymore :frowning:

You’re 30-something year-old men. FFS.

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Its not great

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give him hell, @jazzballet

Plus I’m NEARLY 40!


what films or TV do you like… there’s anime to suit everything… whether its future/history/sport/romance/action/fantasy/super hero.

Or if you’re in it for the skill of the animation/music… its different again :confused:

I enjoyed Samurai Champloo when I watched it, but was a pretty long time ago and I have no idea if it’s actually good or not

Yeah Gurren Lagann is great. Another vote for that. Also Kill La Kill, if thats still up.