Decent e-cigarettes/vapes?

Are there any effective e-cigarettes/vapes that anyone could recommend? Stuff that’s successfully got you off smoking completely, and that provides the same enjoyment as smoking? I once bought a cheap e-cig a few years ago but it was rubbish.

I’ve been smoking lightly for nearly 9 years now (fucking hell), mainly roll-ups which is probably worse than cigarettes. I’m planning on quitting completely, as I think it’s got to the point where my body can’t handle it anymore since I’m not currently feeling good. It could also be down to heavy drinking, but I’m actually little bit worried that I might… die.

I’m going to try and quit again next week - successfully quit about a year and a bit ago for 6 months by using an e cig (actually tapered down on the e cig useage too), so I’d recommend it as a cessation tool.

I’d go for one of the midrange options - I have an innokin MVP4 mod (battery) with a kanger subtank. Just smoke the fruity flavours and stay away from the high street shops. Can’t be arsed with all the geek shit around it.

I used the pen-type ones for two and a half years, and they stopped me smoking dead in my tracks overnight.

Annoyed with the poor reliability though I recently switched to an Innokin Coolfire IV. It’s not cheap, but it does seem better quality, and can deliver a stronger nicotine hit than the pens. Spending that sort of money might help you commit a bit, even though it’ll only cost you the same as a month of fags, tops.

Good luck.

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Get all my stuff from 10motives by the way. They haven’t cocked anything up yet.

Obviously I wish you the best with this, but just to say that the smell of vaping “flavours” (butterscotch etc) makes me nauseous. I actually prefer the smell of cigarette smoke.


How much are the pen-type ones usually? I’m willing to spend more money on something decent.

Can you buy the pen-type ones in any supermarket? Or do you usually have to order them online?

Generally the box-type ones are better quality, and they tend to have universal connectors (510 type) so you’ve got more choice about buying a tank. I think Ego batteries (the pen type) come in at something like £10-£20 a pop. Because mine came from a wanky vape shop they used to fleece me for £25. Sometimes they’d last six months, sometimes one month and one I bought wouldn’t even charge up the first time. So a lottery.

Like @profk says, the trick is avoiding all the wanky vape-culture stuff. If you’re going for a box battery, pretty much the only thing you should care about is the energy storage which would be a number like something like 1300mAh. At a low resistance that means I have to charge it pretty much constantly, so I bought one about three times bigger, which just about lasts a day.

Also the fact that the liquids now have to come in 10ml bottles means you need tonnes of them, and the price racks up there too.

If I was making a recommendation now I’d suggest a brand name box and 510 tank. They’re probably all the same. You’ll probably find the pen doesn’t pack enough punch for you.

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If you, by your own admission, have been smoking lightly then I would say a pen style vape should be fine for you with an 18mg liquid in it.

A good ‘starter kit’ is this one Get that and buy yourself a 2nd battery for £15 and you’re all set up for £40 or so I’d say. Barring liquid. Tons of places out there but I get mine from here:

Ignore that it’s called a ‘starter kit’ - I started using vapes almost 5 years ago and I’ve never used anything but a starter kit.

what’s your point ?

ooh, someone’s having nicotine withdrawal!

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butterscotch is such an offensive smell isn’t it. Wally.

All the artificial “flavours” smell awful. They remind me of sitting next to my brother in the back of our car on the way back from my nan’s house, and him chewing Hubba Hubba gum. Ugh.

would you rather more people were chuffing away on tabs filling the air with fag smoke ? no of course not.

No, but if they could just limit the “flavours” to freshmint, that’d be great.

Oh come on he’s absolutely right. Perfectly possible to vape and not force someone else to breathe in a thick, sickly plume of vapour. Regardless of its relative merits of how it smells vs. tobacco.

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I don’t suppose the majority of people vaping (who are mostly trying to give up smoking) give a shit to be honest. And rightly so. And no I don’t vape.

Majority of people in ‘not considering the impacts of their behaviour on others’ shocker!!

Nah my life is currently too boring for that atm. Having a cigarette is one of the few things I look forward to in the middle of the day. Plus all my friends smoke so it’s kind of impossible (and I’d miss the routine of going out for a smoke between drinks and stuff like that).

I don’t mind continuing the addiction, as long as it doesn’t kill me then I’m fine with it.

i’m listening to a bloke talk about vaping like it’s gonna save the planet, bleating on about 95% harm reduction from cigarettes. its incredibly ethically dubious but it’s actually kind of working on me and i may buy a vape on the way home.

I started smoking when I was 16, so I was still at school (not that I didn’t go out or have friends, just not as much, but it’s different to being an adult although I wasn’t the most outgoing person before then).

In order to give up completely I think I’d need to move out and start a new life (I nearly managed to do this when I started uni), because it’s become an important part of my routine I can’t imagine life without it.

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