Decent reality TV programmes?

Fucking LOVED Average Joe

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Does 24 Hours in Police custody count? Find it pretty fascinating.

Also enjoy 999: what’s your emergency but every week they are highlighting how stretched they are due to government cuts and yet at least one of the coppers that’s on regularly - looks a bit like Gary Barlow - is clearly, clearly a massive Tory tosser.


Started off really interesting but went a bit downhill and sensationalist after a couple of series imo.

Does Queer Eye count? Love that.

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The news

The Living Soap from the early 90s.

Maybe it was a precursor to Big Brother. Either way it wasn’t a decent reality TV programme as asked; it was shit.

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The ambulance ones are really good. I think.

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I seem to recall the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares was better. I seem to recall he did the voiceovers so it allowed him to be nicer and make the show a bit less of a beat down in feel.

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Yeah uk ones for the first series seem more like a normal documentary about restaurants. It starts getting like the American one pretty quickly though as they get the format down to what it is now .

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Was that the one that had an “Indie” band on it?

Not sure if there was an indie band on it.

The overall premise was following a bunch of students in their shared house in Manchester.

1980s house

Different one then. Can’t remember what this one was called

Haven’t watched it since it was on about 15 years ago but I loved Beauty and the Geek:

It’s probably really really dodgy and awful in retrospect

what was the reality tv show where the man threw up at a dinner table cause he found out his face wasn’t symmetrical?

also Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica is on youtube and it’s so amazing.

‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ was my favourite about 5 years ago. 12 american beauties compete to win the affections of a Prince Harry lookalike (he didn’t look like him), however, the twist is that the contestants think that the Prince Harry lookalike is the actual Prince Harry.

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