Decide where I should go on holiday for a long weekend

out of:

edit: Dublin

late September/early October. Me and two other “lads”. Haven’t been to any of them except Barcelona but that was 10+ years ago. Interested in cool culture and nightlife and food, but base it on whatever criteria you fancy.

I think Barcelona is wonderful and also Rome is wonderful. Lisbon is supposed to be wonderful and it is on my football-trip list as is Bordeaux.


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frankly ridiculous

Might chuck Dublin in to the mix

I would say Lisbon, but allow yourself:

2/3 days in the city
1 day in Belem
1 day in Sintra

what are your thoughts on Dublin Tone?

Never been, don’t really want to go.

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What’s it called?


I really like Barcelona. Not been to the others though.

Bordeaux sounds like it’d be shit, the others are probably worth a visit though.

what are Belem and Sintra marckee?

How about Seville?

Lisbon > Bordeaux > Dublin > Barcelona > Rome

Belem is just to the west of Lisbon (it’s on the city’s tram network), and has a world heritage site monastery, art galleries and the Belem tower. Plus the home of pasteis de nata.

Sintra is about an hour or so train ride from Lisbon and is where a load of royal palaces, castles, fortresses and gardens are.

Both are well worth a trip.

Barcelona sounds nice
Warm too

Barcelona and Rome are both boss, you can’t go wrong.

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I’m limited by places you fly direct from Glasgow or Edinburgh as it’s only a long weekend don’t want to fuck about with connecting flights.

If you really want to come deep into my holiday planning, consult:

looks like you can probably see it from the city, so CBA. plus I’ve seen the picture now

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You can drive to Cumbernauld.


It’s unreal, isn’t it? The climb around the old fortress looking back to that castle is ridiculous too:

is there a cool rooftop bar up there?