Decided to listen to all the music

that I own.

As in that I’ve paid money for (cd, tape, download, records) not just stuff saved to Tidal.

Started on the CDs. Don’t have that many after a big clear out a few years back. Still going to listen to new stuff and whatever else i feel like but decided just going through the whole lot sequentially would be interesting and help me clear some stuff out too hopefully.

Anyway… I dunno - chat about that or albums in your collection you’d completely forgotten about? Or zero replies probably. I need distracting from the fucking election.

Bought the (first) self titled Killing Joke album on cd years ago and didn’t get on with it. Should give it another blast

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What cds, tapes and download records do you own? Please list

Big deal, ive already listened to all the music I own. Probably not true.

I’ve been going through all the records I own this year as part of a massive “keep it or chuck it on discogs” Clearout. Started in January and roughly a third of the way through now. Sold a few things along the way (probably bought more than I’ve sold in the meantime…)

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I took about 500 cds to a charity shop a few years ago. 500 beautifully curated cds from a lifetime of scouring the shops. They didn’t even thank me for it, just said “yeah just put it down there”. I was quietly livid. They had no idea the size of the donation they’d received. Cds eh.


Probably worth fuck all

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Have you listened to all the music you own?

  • Yes
  • 99.9% of it
  • 2/3rds of it
  • No
  • something else

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Do you like all the music you own?

  • Yes
  • 99.9% of it
  • LOL no

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I think about doing this every so often, then I realise that I’d have to listen to 4 Smashing Pumpkins albums and it puts me off.


Just realised they’re the exact albums I haven’t listened to. Adore? Fuck Off!

Sadly I am able to do this

I mean I think I’ve listened to everything I’ve bought there’s just loads I won’t have listened to for ages

Probably slightly less than 99.9% due to the “buy discography” function on Bandcamp.

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Definitely got a few that I preordered and then wasnt in the mood for and forgot about and it’s years later and i’m like what’s this bollocks!?


Sure I have a few like that too.
Just remembered I bought OK Computer for my nephew and he still isn’t remotely into music.

Well you’ve put him right off there.


Have a few that I’ve bought twice by mistake.

Two listens for them?

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What if I have the same album on multiple formats? Or if an LP came with a CD?

I didn’t give it him!

He quite likes Abba so it can just sit on my shelf unplayed.