Decided to listen to all the music

Cancel each other out so zero plays required.


Good lad.

how’s this for a project? listen to all the music you own that you’ve never listened to.

  • i guess i really should listen to that remixes and b-sides collection at some point
  • fuuuuuuuuck thaaaaaaat

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If I had the time I’d do it. There isn’t much left I haven’t listened to.

See every time I’ve ever bought something I’ve always given it at least one spin before putting it in the collection.

during the start of WFH when i just doing menial processing work i really enjoyed going through my CDs and digging out stuff i’d not played in a while. i didn’t go through all of them that i have here (i have piles more in boxes at my mum’s house), and it was in a pretty random order so i don’t remember what i did and didn’t listen to but it’s always a nice thing. when i lived at my mum’s and drove to work every day i always enjoyed picking out what CD i was gonna bring, digging into the archives if i hadn’t bought anything new recently.


Two listens. But take your jumper off for the LP. Feel the warmth.

just listened to Pornography by The Cure all the way through for the first time ever

had always switched off during because it felt a bit too blunt and austere, but it felt right tonight