Declaring today Official Big Coats Back in the Cupboard Day 2018

  • Radiators off.

  • Windows open.

  • Hats and scarves away.

You’re welcome. Know you’re due a little bit of bad weather down south, but fuck ye.


Windows are open, scarf is on, as is a suede jacket! :+1:


You must be fucking joking the sun’s out but it’s bloody freezing


I’m still in bed and onto book 2 of the day and not gonna leave the house

third cup of Yorkshire tea with milk and sugar


love cold weather


…is the right answer.


Saw some fucking mutant in a t-shirt and shorts at the petrol station earlier, despite there still being ice on his rear windscreen. Amazed that as a nation we still don’t quite understand the difference between warm weather and sunny weather yet.



Had the windows open a bit this morning, but, even though it’s beautifully sunny, it’s absolutely baltic.


You must be on the poor side of Mannchester. It’s t-shirt weather here.


Walked down to Didsbury post office earlier. You could wear a t-shirt, but only if you had a couple more layers on top. 5 degrees according to my phone.


Enjoy Wednesday in your t-shirt


Declaring this as the coldest week of the year approaches! You’re being very silly!


What a beautiful day it is out. Just strolled up to Tescos in shorts and a t-shirt. Height of summer.





I slept with a hoody on last night for the first time in my life. It’s fucking freezing.


Absolutely baltic here tbh


Love my big coat. I’d wear it on the beach if I could.


Nice again.


Beast from the east mate


Reckon I’ve worn my big coat about 5 times tops this winter.

It is fucking freezing out though. Look at these “feels like” temps!