Declaring today Official Big Coats Back in the Cupboard Day 2018

  • Radiators off.

  • Windows open.

  • Hats and scarves away.

You’re welcome. Know you’re due a little bit of bad weather down south, but fuck ye.

Windows are open, scarf is on, as is a suede jacket! :+1:

You must be fucking joking the sun’s out but it’s bloody freezing


…is the right answer.


Saw some fucking mutant in a t-shirt and shorts at the petrol station earlier, despite there still being ice on his rear windscreen. Amazed that as a nation we still don’t quite understand the difference between warm weather and sunny weather yet.

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You must be on the poor side of Mannchester. It’s t-shirt weather here.

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Enjoy Wednesday in your t-shirt

Declaring this as the coldest week of the year approaches! You’re being very silly!


What a beautiful day it is out. Just strolled up to Tescos in shorts and a t-shirt. Height of summer.


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I slept with a hoody on last night for the first time in my life. It’s fucking freezing.

Absolutely baltic here tbh

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Love my big coat. I’d wear it on the beach if I could.

Nice again.

Beast from the east mate

Reckon I’ve worn my big coat about 5 times tops this winter.

It is fucking freezing out though. Look at these “feels like” temps!


Thread needs fewer miserly southerners. We’re supposed to be celebrating the arrival of summer, ffs.