Declaring today Official Big Coats Back in the Cupboard Day 2018

No coats in Ancoats.

Literally started snowing again as I was reading this. You are living a lie.

Ahhh, hubris.

I declare shirt sleeve order as of today.

Got a sunbather in the communal areas.

I repeat, a sunbather.

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That’s me. You bringing them tinnies out or what

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Don’t wanna be Mr Serious but it is ruddy freezing at the moment, must’ve walked past about 6 homeless people in 20 mins at lunch then, fuck knows how they cope with winter, pretty sure i couldn’t.

Absolutely. It’s why people are silly to begrudge homeless people a drink or a spliff. What else is bringing them comfort?

We’ve said it a few times, but i’d guess i’ve noticed a…ten-fold increase this decade. There are whole communities of homeless people in Manchester city centre who you didn’t see a few years ago.

Ditto for Glasgow. The thing that’s disturbing is how… normalised their circumstances seem to have become to them. Like yup, this is my setup. And yeah, there seems to be a community thing that I hadn’t noticed before. What used to be the odd ‘dropout’ here and there a few years back is now pairs and threes together, and waaay more women. It’s a disgrace.

Calling it today.

Forecast is > 10 degrees for the foreseeable future. Light jacket time.

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It’s feckin freezing and has been for the past week or so.

Ne’er cast a clout till May be out.

takes a courageous person to admit when they’re wrong. badly wrong as well.

It’s -10 here. Might keep my big coat on for a bit longer.

I was badly wrong