Decs down audit

  • Took em down already.
  • Taking them down on the 4th because I’m a christmas pedant.
  • Taking them down today because its work tomorrow. Can’t be arsed though.
  • Might just leave them up, saves the effort next year.

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Didn’t put any up in the first place.


Gf took down our (her) meager decorations this morning.

Never had a tree, at least.

I believe ours are being taken down today while I’m at work.

This is the only decoration my boyfriend has put up this year

He tried to take it down on boxing day as “it’s not Christmas any more” but I insisted it needs to stay up until the 6th


Just taken ours down. Cleaned whole house, knackered now but also feeling need to redecorate…

Took them down yesterday and had a good dust/hoover afterwards … I do like decorations (we have loads of lights up indoors) but it’s nice when it’s decluttered and back to normal.

Saddest job of the year. :slight_frown:

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Bring back thread title editing

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“Pants down audit”? yeah I know. You reap what you sow my friend.

Hope Ant’s coping alright :frowning:


Oh the 12th day is the 6th?! Of course. I clearly can’t count.

Sorry Jesus/Santa


Taking the decorations down from round the hospital doors?

The ones in my room are down but my flatmate left his up all year in 2016, so not holding my breath tbh.