Dee off of Neighbours who died 13 years ago when Toadie drove her off of a cliff on their wedding day is returning to the show



Mint! I’m back in.





they never found a body did they? i remember expecting her to come back within a year or two, Harold Bishop style, but 13 years is pretty ballsy :smiley:


Dee as a Goth


Was she square jawed? I’m sure I stopped watching before that… didn’t I?




fucking hell she’s got six kids with Shannon Bennet @Slicky @fidel_catstro @someotherpeople


I thought she was older than 36:


There’s no way she was only 23 when she left neighbours.


No way did they not plan to put x’s in all their names.


I hope they devote an entire flashback episode to her activities in the intervening years.

I also hope chris is cool makes his long awaited Neighbours comeback. god knows we’ve been crying out for it

The next one should be called Balonx


Toyah BAttersby is coming back to Corra


I hope she shows up with Spider





me and my mate used to do the Spider Nugent fan club (basically just ruffled the hair up)


The Des and Daphne early years were the halcyon days for Neighbours. Even if Daphne gave birth whilst wearing tights. It happens.


Beth> Flick> Danni > Skye > Charlene > Dee > Anne> Sarah > Bree


Last time I saw the guy who played Spider, he was running pub quizzes in Kilburn.


just been googling him, apparently he was in Defiance and Kingdom of Heaven