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This is a thread for your more deep and meaningful thoughts and insights.
Not silly jokes, or perv stuff. But also no politics or talking about your feelings.
The parameters might seem quite narrow, but they will help guide our deep and meaningful conversations.
Please begin

Do you think crabs think that we walk sideways


used to collect crabs from the beach. But when I got home I would fill a bucket with fresh water, not sea water, and they didn’t like that as they died.
One time I put a starfish in and I returned to find it horribly dismembered.
This has tainted my memory of crabs

This is pretty highbrow, so be a bear with me.

In the film ‘deadpool’ someone offers to make him immortal and superpowers (I havent seen the film)
I said I would do this, because I argued that I couldn’t be immortal because the earth would end at some point and I would refuse to believe that if the earth exploded I would just be floating in space and that the person offering me immortality hadn’t though this through so this hellish scenario wouldn’t transpire

  • I would choose immortality
  • I would not want this
  • I would choose immortality and this means even if the earth explodes, you are still alive
  • I would choose immortality and this means if the earth explodes, I would think I would die and the person in the bar offering me this wouldn’t have thought it through/there is no way they fully understand what they are offering

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