Deep frying stuff

Deep fried anything lately?

Cooked some korean chicken at the weekend (fried twice) and it was better than anything anyone else has ever made on here.

No obvious Scotch mars bar jokes please, we’re all better than that (Not you theo, you go for it my friend)

i have never deep fried anything myself


I made some honey and sesame-glazed prawns a few weeks ago

They turned out well

You should. It’s unhealthy and it’s reminiscent of an opening scene to Casualty but you can produce some tasty stuff.

Try it fourthy.

Nice, reminds me to start a thread about even sesame seed distribution.

Are you being snarky about my sesame seed distribution?

Deep frying your mars bar sounds like an S&M thing @elthamsmateowen would reminisce about in the Thursday filth thread to me.


That’s a big 1,2 of nothing right there Theo.

you ever tried making your own scotch eggs? so good.

but i’ll oven them rather than deep fry because it’s such a ballache

I have only ever deep fried stuff in those standalone deep fat friers that were ubiquitous in student houses in Manchester. I think I just did frozen stuff.

One time I made some deep-fried brie and it was amazing. Did it again and the brie sort of leaked out of the crumb coating and it was a mess. I have not deep-fried since. Always slightly put off by the big pan of burning hot injury… never feel safe whilst anywhere near it.

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Considering an air fryer

I was in a small town in Austria near the Slovenian/Hungarian border for work earlier this summer. The hotel didn’t do food, so there was a choice of two places to eat: a nice, but expensive Italian restaurant or Garfield’s Schnitzel Corner.

I ordered the vegetarian platter there, and this is what I got served:
A battered and deep-fried hash brown, a smaženy syr (battered deep fried cheese) with cranberry sauce, and some battered deep fried garlic mushrooms, all dumped on a lettuce leaf. You had to order chips separately. I only ate there once in the week. I think multiple visits might have killed me.


I’ve never deep fried anything. I would love a deep fat fryer but I will never buy one because I know I would end up deep frying absolutely everything :grimacing:

Had deep fried garlic mushrooms before at a takeaway in Leeds - incredible stuff

Also a fan of these spring rolls. It’s the same ones most restaurants serve. You can buy a catering sized box for about £3 in a Chinese supermarket though.

I don’t have or want a deep fat fryer, so I just put about two inches of oil in a saucepan, and keep a watchful eye.

Not sure I would have wanted to eat them every day mind.

The deep fried cheese is also really good. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia they also serve them as burgers or on a plate with tartar sauce. In Austria it usually comes on a plate with cranberry stuff.

they’re so much hassle to clean

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