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Ok so I’ve just been thinking today about the interplay between ideology and practicality, where is the balance? It’s a constant struggle isn’t it? Like if you aim for utilitarianism or maximising happiness, whatever you want to call it, whose happiness is this for? Those alive now? Isn’t that also ideological? Maybe it’s best to be anguished as that keeps you humble

Always freaks me out when i think about where thoughts come from

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How do you think you experience thoughts?

I hear them in my head before I think them usually

Poor @AQOS

But srs, having pretty deep thoughts about the relationship between family influences and the rounding of children’s personalities

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Maybe my dream for a deep thread was too beautiful to be

it says no Jokes, you’re allowed one


Sorry, was too good to be true

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I was walking back from B&Q just now (bought some door knobs, thanks for asking) and was thinking about that Billionaires thread and was like… fuck it, I’ll be dead in 50 years then was like woah that’s a shame innit.

I would be a terrible parent because I think too much, there’s certain elements of my personality I’m very sure on but overall I wouldn’t really want my kids to turn out like me but maybe like it’s your duty to trust in yourself in these situations

The opposite for me. I’m always cutting off my internal monologue because I’ve already processed the thought and am on to the next thing.

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as somebody who doesn’t believe in an afterlife I think it’s likely that I won’t be aware of the passing of millions of years so effectively when I die the universe dies, that’s sad but also comforting in a way that everybody has a self-contained reality that begins and ends, like a story

I think mine’s The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

used to not be fussed by food but I love eating junk now, it’s nice for a hobby to develop later in life

yeah I think I just hear my thinkvoice a lot faster than I speak it even though it’s not like sped up on a tape, it’s more like I can remember hearing myself say it rather than actually hearing myself say it. time, man

maybe we have loads of thoughts that we aren’t aware of that we’re thinking all the time, like dreams you don’t remember

Hearing your own voice is so weird. I’ve heard replays of work radio or podcasts I’ve been on, and I’m like… no way… is THAT me. We hear it higher (?) in our own heads don’t we?