Deeply weird shop signs


I like to collect pictures of these. My hometown seems to be an especially fine source. I wish I still had a photo of the beauty parlour in Kilburn that crammed too much onto their sign and made it look like they offered “laser tanning”. Add your photos.



Not deeply weird but this is my favourite (couldn’t get a picture if the actual sign but you get the idea)



The wigs were really ratty and dirty too. Probably smelt bad.


I’m sure they’ll be some when I go up north for Christmas, will keep an :eye: out!


I thought you meant free wigs initially, and I still didn’t bat an eyelid.



Zoom in for the full, pubey glory.


I used to like that newsagents in Soho called “the Hobbit” for no apparent reason.


@_Em I don’t quite think you know what’ve you done here. This will be featured in every daily football thread for the next 2 months.


Is there some ongoing joke about wigs?


You better believe it my friend!


Please say this shop is in Bournemouth…


Many free ones available from a tub on the street in Chatham.


Sadly not. Chatham.


Some context for you - a Bournemouth player in red/black


hahaha. Who thought it would be a good idea to wear a wig on a football pitch?


RIP Wean’s World


Huh. I always thought the whole wig fell off thing in the football thread was to do with the Bournemouth logo (?)