Deerhoof thread

Always loved them live but they never clicked with me on record… until recently. Got into Offend Maggie a lot last year and am listening to Runners Four now and loving it. Starting to think they’re one of the best bands.
Talk about them in here


They’re very very good, imo

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Friend Opportunity is their best album


Always stupendously good live. Greg Saunier is a fantastic drummer.


Probably one of my favourite all time bands.

Remember seeing them live in The Garage in London in 2005 and getting to meet them afterwards. During the gig I got everyone I was with to chant “Panda” which resulted in an unplanned performance of Panda Panda Panda which was nice as I couldn’t stop playing that song at the time.

I went to the merch desk after the gig and had a browse and the guy was trying to sell me their earlier albums but I explained that I already had them, so he invited me and my friends to have a drink with them. Ended up only being John Dieterich and Chris Cohen back there and ended up talking to Chris Cohen for ages while being plied with free drinks. Eventually Greg Saunier came out to get the other two to help get stuff ready to leave, but I got to have a starstruck few minutes to chat with him and hear his amazingly contagious, high-pitched laugh. Ended up being so drunk and late that I left my bag in a taxi and shouted at the moon in the middle of the street in frustration. Best bit of the story was that the next day the taxi driver phoned my mum because he found her number on something in my bag and I ended up getting it back. What a lovely man.

Anyway, here’s a mix of some of my favs of theirs.


Love Offend Maggie and Friend Opportunity but never really clicked with the rest. Think I fell asleep right before they came on at 02:30am at ATP once so never really seen them live

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Saw Greg Saunier play drums with Oneida as part of an eight good performance at an ATP once, very talented man.


One of my favourite bands for sure. SO SO much fun live, with Greg’s brilliant stumbling monologue halfway through the set.

Friend Opportunity was the first one I heard, and I really love Offend Maggie and Milk Man too.

Of the more recent stuff, La Isla Bonita and Mountain Moves are both brilliant.

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La Isla Bonita is a fun album

They have so many albums that I’ve very much dipped in and out and missed a lot

The Magic too. Love Acceptance Speech and Criminals of the Dream.

Theyre fuckin Deerhoof

the year i first got into them was the first time id been that excited about a band for quite a while too

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Quite possibly the best guitar band there is, stunning variety and consistent quality over their career. They just seem to get so much pure joy from making music and it’s hugely infectious. I want a tattoo of The Magic cover tbh

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Yes yes yes I love them

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Fantastic band, great fun live. Loved this session they did for Pitchfork back in the day


One of my most watched videos on YouTube! They look like they’re having the best time ever.


Once i saw them at ATP and theybwere captivating and loud. Once I saw them in Berlin and was driven up to the smoking room, which was the less obnoxious of two painful environments.

Friend Opportunity is so perfect, so many different ideas and changes but never feels bloated or contrived - Whither the Invisible Birds into Cast-Off Crown is particularly amazing. Also love Apple O’ but for some reason not taken the time to get to know their other albums, any recommendations?

Maybe start with that same period and try Milk Man/The Runners Four (though the latter is much longer than their other albums at 20 tracks/56 minutes)

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Listening to Runners Four now can’t believe I left it so long (must have bought AO&FO about 12 years ago)