Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Aye they’ve dipped quite a bit since Josh left, quietly their best member (don’t @ me)


They were close to being the perfect band in the Microcastle period imo and Josh’s parts were always great


But Cryptograms is their best album :wink:


How can it be their best album when it doesn’t have ‘Nothing Ever Happened’? :thinking:


It has Cryptograms the song


Anyway Desire Lines > nothing ever happened


It’s hard to call between those. Easily their best two, I’d say.


Cryptograms > microcastle > halcyon digest > the 2 new ones


Octet, calvary scars II and He would have laughed are my favs I reckon


Octet is so good


I assume everyone has heard this live show @ Primavera 2009? There’s a great version of Octet on there. A superb NEH too.


Reckon hearing calvary scars II at ATP was my peak deerhunter to be honest, what a beautiful night


Brilliant, thanks!



Vogue is definitely not where I expected to read news about Deerhunter’s new album.

Good stuff though, produced by Cate Le Bon is interesting.


Cate Le Bon to produce the next album? Interesting…


Have you guys not been checking the DH live Instagram videos from Marfa the past week or so?


Has Tim Presley actually joined Deerhunter then or is he just guesting on the lp? He seems to be in the music video that they are shooting right now (as per the deerhuntermusic Instagram story /live video).


I have not, what have we missed so far?


Sounds like we are very close to hearing some new music then. This is exciting.