Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)

  • Bradford has been recording with Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley and Stella Warpaint as “artists in residence” during the Marfa Myths festival in Texas. Lots of live footage from the studio of recording/ messing around.

  • Lockett at the same studio a few days later and footage of him and Brad jamming with Tim Presley.

  • Brad, Moses, Lockett, Josh McKay and Javier Morales (keyboards dude from 2016 tour - he appears to be a proper band member now, or at least was introduced by Brad as being in the band) shooting a music video by a dusty roadside and Brad giving directions/instructions on how things should proceed. Some stuff about how he wanted someone to download an app that can keep time to 90bpm so he can lip synch in time.

  • DH shooting a music video (same one most likely) in an empty swimming pool - features Brad banging on a pot with sticks and Tim Presley and Lockett playing guitar. This one should still be up on the deerhuntermusic Instagram until around midnight tonight I think. Look for the Instagram Stories thing at the top.

There’s probably more that I’ve forgotten.

They seem to be live streaming a lot, not every day - but worth checking Instagram around midnight or first thing in the morning.




Hopefully there’s some at Primavera.


“Denim Opera”
“Lilacs in Motor Oil”
“How German Is It?”


There are 300 copies. I’d be surprised if they still had some in London.


Well London is the first day of the tour! Barcelona is a few days in so fingers crossed.


Hopefully they stick this out on vinyl at a later date like with RCE


I think *think* I had RCE on CD before I bought the tape? Will have to check the dates.

Might be another On Platt’s Eyott Island cassette only job.


8th - Best Kept Secret Festival, Hilvarenbeek, Belgium [ TICKETS ]

lol, wrong country


Hmm, I remember buying Rainwater Cassette Exchange specifically on cassette because there was no CD out yet, but this may be a false memory.


Yeah, Discogs has the same release date for all the formats it was released on so I can’t figure it out. Still my favourite Deerhunter release!


I haven’t actually listened to it for ages, bloody love it though. It is really time/place linked in my memory to the year I lived in Manchester so just thinking about it is bringing back some really vivid scenes in my mind.


It’s a very evocative EP for me too. It was the first new release from them after I got into them and my then GF bought me the tape the first time we saw them. I’m a very good bass player but still can’t play ‘Disappearing Ink’ at all. Miss Josh Fauver so much.


Same here! I remember hearing lots about them around Microcastle and people who’s tastes I trusted liked them (hi, @incandenza) and I bought that and then Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey all from Piccadilly Records. I got the Rainwater Cassette Exchange cassette when I saw them play a matinee show at the Deaf Institute (the evening show sold out too fast, and it worked out well as I had an exam the next morning). It was an awesome show, I just remember being alternately transfixed by each of the band members and I probably looked like a human equivalent of :heart_eyes:


This Disappearing Ink rehearsal is the first audio I ever ripped from Youtube:

Still gets quite a lot of listens from me, quite enjoy the buzzy synth sound.

I bought the cassette at their show at the Scala in 2009. The original date earlier in the year had been cancelled, Women AND Wavves were the support for that, what a show that’d have been. Women ended up performing a couple of days after Deerhunter’s rescheduled date anyway, and I asked them why they weren’t supporting this time round and they seemed a bit bemused too.

That Women show at the Lexington is in my top five shows of all time and one of my favourite memories in my life. We talked to the drummer (now of course Preoccupations main attraction) the whole time they were setting up, and after the show they bought us pints. I was only 18 and was completely in love with the 1st album so it was a really big deal to me. It was the first time I ever spoke to someone from a band I admired, and it wasn’t just a few words, we were having a drink! I remember loving all the new songs and being incredibly excited for the new album, and then of course Public Strain came out and far surpassed my expectations.

Anyway I’m on a tangent, two great bands!


No, there are 2 NYC shows in mid-May.





That vid is great, thanks. Seems strange that it was played on MTV, wonder what show it was on


I am listening to Women now for the first time in an age, thanks :+1: