Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)




Looking forward to hearing this cassette tomorrow, assuming it’s ripped straight after the show in New York tonight.


Ohhh is that tonight?

Curious about this ‘new line-up’… or is it pretty much just confirmed as Fading Frontier band + their touring keyboardist/saxophonist?



Great to see He Would Have Laughed back in the mix! One of my very favourites


That’s a good mix of old and new there. Excited to hear these new songs.


LOL not the song I was thinking of, nevermind



Anyone heard the new tape yet?


Not yet, all 300 copies are sold out so I’m hoping it’s not long now


Already? FUCK


So is the Double Dream of Spring cassette sold out now? I’m seeing them in Brighton next Monday and I was hoping to grab a copy. If it’s not sold out I imagine it will be by then as they would have played Manchester & London before Brighton :disappointed_relieved:


Have a spare ticket going for the Manchester gig on Saturday (Liverpool supporting friend has poor priorities)… if anybody is interested let me know


Totally sold out at the first NY show. More are being made but priority is being given to those who couldn’t get a tape in NY who then signed up to a mailing list.


Starting to feel a little vexed that I haven’t heard this



Will London and Manchester be postponed too?? Very last minute if so



Really hope they don’t cancel Primavera.