Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Well that was a rollercoaster.




Looks like someone has (finally) uploaded Double Dream of Spring to the Deerhunter reddit.

Haven’t downloaded yet so not sure but the comments seem to suggest it’s all there.


Yasss downloading now. Going to go and sit in the sun and listen to it.


I thought they were superb last night.


Enjoyed the cassette on first listen. It feels like the appetiser to the album. It sounds very much like they just jammed out and put it on tape. Got a similar vibe to Arthur Russell’s instrumentals.


Any recommendations for pubs near Concorde 2?


There’s not much near Concorde 2. Nearest pub/bar is Volk’s I think but never been in there.


Hey @lastdino I’m going to this too.

Fancy a #dismeet pint before?


Sorry pal only saw this once I was in there. I think I spotted you in the crowd though near the front and middle? Ended up going to a great pizza place called Fatto A Mano before. Definitely reccomend it.

Got in the venue early to make sure I got my mitts on one of these:

Was a really great show. The new songs sound great, surprisingly muscular. Moses was really going for it one of the numbers. The end of Desire Lines was sensational it was such a beautiful noise. Snakeskin is such a prime jam too.

Quite surprised how heavy the set was on Halcyon Digest and new material. Nothing off Monomania or Cryptograms, no Nothing Ever Happened.

Bring on Primavera!


You got one! Amazing!


Think they’re rationing them out over the tour.

The new songs don’t sound anything like the cassette incidentally.


That was me :grinning:

Fato is a fantastic local chain, there are 3 now, assume you were at the brand new on in the North Laine.

It was a cool show, but I would have preferred a bit more variety, it was very heavily weighted towards the ear bleedy stuff.

There was also a man dancing like the dancing priest out of father Ted up the front which was fun


Yep the Brighton gig was ace! I love Bradford so much.

and yes I managed to get the cassette too! Really happy about that. It was numbered out of 300 so it’s still the original batch and they must be rationing them over the tour dates, as lastdino mentioned.




I’m seeing them in a 250 capacity venue tonight.


Amazing! Enjoy it!


Oh I will. You basically have to go to France (but not Paris) to see them in these venues still.


Ireland’s the same tbf. Will take your advice and get out of here for the next tour though!


Do it! Some of the best DH shows I’ve seen have been in France. And if it’s a tiny gig and there are no record company types or important publications reviewing, they often go off-script.