Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


This will be incredible! Their show at Primavera won the festival for me (again).


Bradford’s pedalboard

Lockett’s one


Bradford with those old Ibanez pedals! Unexpected!

Suspect the top line are for vocals and the bottom for guitar.


harmonic percolator :heart_eyes:


Bradford in the audience for the end bit of HWHL (I don’t need nobody on my farm…)



Remember how great this was?


Has anyone else been listening to their Sunday Night Radio playlist’s on Spotify? Keep on discovering some wonderful gems through them!


Have you got link please?


I’ve been dipping into it on Spotify - it is really good! I thought it might be more of an indicator about the direction of their new material but not so sure after the Primavera show.

On that note - someone has uploaded the Primavera audio over on Deerhunter reddit if people want to relisten to the new stuff.


Here’s the most recent one but they’re updated weekly :slightly_smiling_face:


How did the material at Prima sound? The playlists seem to be quite varied. Really digging all of the bluesy and ambient numbers included!


They were quite immediate, kinda along the lines of the ‘bigger’ songs from Microcastle/Halcyon Digest with a mixture of Monomania stuff like Back to the Middle or T.H.M (although this might be emphasised through their rawer, live form).

The opening (Detournement) was a bit more of a slow-build, I really hope that is included on the album as it absolutely knocked my socks off.


Here’s the full show from Primavera:




Brilliant, thanks!


Ffs this has been taken down and I was planning on watching it this evening. Is it available anywhere else?


Same… was just settling down to watch it.

Here’s a short interview with Bradford as some sort of consolation []


I know its not Primavera but, still full Deerhunter set


Death in Midsummer sounding like a future classic. Really stood out at the Brighton gig too.


Thanks for this, the mix on this one is really good!