Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


No One’s Sleeping rips too, this is the song where I remember Moses was absolutely slaying.


Absolutely, it’s pretty reassuring to know at least 5 tracks on the new album are great! What a ridiculously consistent band.

(I know some people don’t like Monomania, but I would strongly disagree with them)


I didn’t like Monomania when it came out and now I fucking love it. Such an incredibly consistent band.


Watching this for the second time tonight because it’s fantastic. Thanks very much. New stuff is giving me goosebumps.


I have now watched this many times.


Every time I see a post in here I think it’s gonna be the album announcement, they said early summer for the first single right?


New interview up on a Czech site:


Same here. It’s probably my favourite Deerhunter set that’s online now I think. They sound surprisingly powerful and when did Bradford learn to shread?


Another full set:




Bradford ‘Shread Flintstone’ Cox