Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


No One’s Sleeping rips too, this is the song where I remember Moses was absolutely slaying.


Absolutely, it’s pretty reassuring to know at least 5 tracks on the new album are great! What a ridiculously consistent band.

(I know some people don’t like Monomania, but I would strongly disagree with them)


I didn’t like Monomania when it came out and now I fucking love it. Such an incredibly consistent band.


Watching this for the second time tonight because it’s fantastic. Thanks very much. New stuff is giving me goosebumps.


I have now watched this many times.


Every time I see a post in here I think it’s gonna be the album announcement, they said early summer for the first single right?


New interview up on a Czech site:


Same here. It’s probably my favourite Deerhunter set that’s online now I think. They sound surprisingly powerful and when did Bradford learn to shread?


Another full set:




Bradford ‘Shread Flintstone’ Cox


They are back in the studio. See the Insta stories here:


Been quite active on Instagram the last few days. Single soon hopefully.


Album is in the can supposedly


Yeasss! Excited. Must be a single soon, I think they shot the video a while ago?



Bradford doing some busking in Union Square last night - see DH’s instastory.


Any idea if this has surfaced elsewhere? I watched the first minute or so and thought “this sounds awesome, I’m going to watch the whole thing later” and obviously never did.


Not seen anything yet.


Reckon we’re getting the new single this weekend