Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)




Got to assume a 2019 release at this point. No later than January hopefully. This wait has been a bit agonising especially with them jumping the gun on that announcement back in March.

Also hopeful there’ll be another raft of dates announced soon, though I expect it will be APE or Field Day appearances rather than headline shows.




Fucking YES


Loving the new track, the cool piano harpsichord sound is great


Bradford’s voice sounds great! And Moses drumming is wonderful. Love when it quietly explodes around 2:10. That solo too! And big swirling Microcastle landscapes in the second half. I am so happy!


In addition to sharing a tracklist, Deerhunter have provided notes for each song on the album. Read them below.

01 “Death In Midsummer (4:22) — Caption of photograph found in book: “Revolution In The Streets of St. Petersburg, July 1917.” The photo shows figures of people running away from piles of bodies.
02 “No One’s Sleeping” (4:26) — On 16 June, 2016 Labor Party MP Helen Joanne Cox died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall by Thomas Mair, a mentally ill man with ties to a Neo-Nazi organization. He shouted “Britain first” as he carried out the attack.
03 “Greenpoint Gothic” (2:02) — An architectural interlude for synthesizer and drums.
04 “Element” (3:00) — Elegy for Ecology (a landscape done in toxic watercolors)
05 “What Happens To People” (4:16) — Eulogy for “Emotions”

06 “Détournement” (3:26) — A postcard from the slipstream
07 “Futurism” (2:52) — Nostalgia is toxic.
08 “Tarnung” (3:08) — A walk through Europe in the rain
09 “Plains” (2:13) –James Dean spent the Summer of 1955 in Marfa, Texas filming ‘Giant,’ before his death on September 30th.
10 “Nocturne” (6:25) — Live stream from the afterlife.


How great does he look in the dress too? Absolutely fabulous


Haven’t been able to watch the video yet but all the album and single artwork is beautiful. Also interesting to see from that note that the album is clearly in part a comment on racism on the rise.


I can already anticipate comments on their FB page/YouTube comments along the lines of ‘OMG I used to like Deerhunter but not any more, why do they have to make everything about politics boo hoo etc’


Fuck 'em


AOTY 2019 in the bag


Doesn’t seem like Lockett wrote any songs on this album. Hope I’m wrong though.


Has anyone else tried to buy the album on 4ad and it showing as sold out?


What are you judging that on?


Nothing has been mentioned in the track-by-track blurbs about Lockett writing any of the songs. Just a gut feeling I guess. Hope I’m wrong.


6 quid shipping to the UK so I am just going to get it off Amazon



This is so great, love everything about the song, the album title, the notes and the artwork.


They are so good at making music that is unmistakably them, but each of their albums also stand distinct from one another… and this is no exception!


Yes!!! Love it.