Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)




Brad is live on DH Insta r n


i’d never listened to them until recently and then “revival” came up on spotify randomly, think i’ve rinsed that tune about 100 times since sunday :joy: for some reason i think it’s a really cinematic track, would go really well with like a hard luck hero lighting a crooked cigarette outside a church or summat, setting off on a journey somewhere.

anyway, yeah i’ve fallen in love with them tbh.


Bartok! Bartok! Bartok!


Bradford still going on the Instagram stream


Great tune in to hear about new album and now I’m listening to some guy talk sincerely about how he lived in a haunted house.


He’s been going for 2.5 hours at least now. Respect. I love that he still interacts with fans.


He’s on this Apple Music show apparently, hopefully not talking about haunted houses (but who knows really)


I haven’t stopped playing DIMS, its one of the best ever Brad vocals.
Any interesting info come from the Instagram stream? It’ll be a bit weird if there’s no Lockett track on the new one


My first listen. Unmistakably Deerhunter, but… HARPSICHORD!


I watched a bit last night where he ended up live chatting with a fan who was sat on the toilet. Bradford shouted “you’re shitting on my instagram! that is very distasteful!” and it was very funny. He was also putting on a great fake English accent a lot of the time.

There’s a 20 minute recording they’ve left up on their profile from earlier this morning where Bradford explains he got laryngitis during one of the later recording sessions (which probably explains why the release date slipped into 2019)


I love that man. Cheers, I’ll check it out.


The rest of the recording contains Bradford talking about the cover art for Halcyon Digest before moving on to telling a really nice story about the WHEAD cover and the artist who made it. Definitely worth a watch!


Ah cool, what did he say about the cover of HD? I was wondering about that a few days ago weirdly


It’s a picture of a participant of some kind of pageant from a book about Ponce de Leon, a street in Atlanta that all the band members have lived or worked on in the past. The book fell out of Bradford’s bookcase and landed on the page containing the photo they used for the cover.


They’ve covered some of the score for The Shining if anyone’s interested in their take on it! Sorry if it’s been covered - couldn’t see anything up-thread.

Edit: oh my gawd wrong thread! Deerhoof, Deerhoof! I wish my son would let me sleep! :sweat_smile:


Reports on social media that Josh Fauver has died :frowning:


Is that what the “very difficult times” post on their Instagram referred to then?

Awful :frowning:


I’m gutted. Met him a few times - such a nice dude. R.I.P.


Ah man, that’s an absolute gutter.
His playing on Octet and Nothing Ever Happened is some of the best ever. RIP