Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Bit crushed by this, he’s one of my favourite bassists and think the band have missed him since he left :slightly_frowning_face:



This is so sad. As said above, they were such an exciting band both live and on record when he was behind the bass. RIP


Yeah you only have to scroll back through this thread to see how fondly people thought of him


Nothing Ever Happened with Josh on bass is basically the all time peak of live music. RIP dude :frowning:


I was lucky enough to see DH 18 times with Fauver on bass. Think they played NEH every time. My favourite times they played it:
Scala 2009
Leeds Irish Centre 2011
Primavera 2011

(I love McKay too - he’s an excellent bassist and guitarist and an all-round great guy but Fauver was the epitome of cool).


Was really lucky to see Deerhunter three times in 2011. Halcyon Digest still my favourite of theirs


god this band kicks ass, sad to hear that news


Went on the bands instagram randomly to see what’s up with the new music and saw. Really sad.




ay. it could well be just a coincidence but i lost interest in their sound right about the time he left.


:frowning: such sad news, was such a key part of those earlier records. RIP


I’m absolutely heartbroken here. One of my favourite bass players of all time and a really nice fella as well. I credit ‘Nothing Ever Happened’ with changing the way I looked at music and bass playing in particular. One of my best mates says the same thing, that it changed his perspective on how he thought about music. Of course, as bass players, when we found out Josh wrote all the music for that we were blown away.

Another standout performance of his in the studio is on ‘Disappearing Ink’. The level of precision and determination needed to play that song is phenomenal. I’ve never been able to play it in all my years of bass playing. I have been able to emulate his technique where he was able to play only with his left hand, fretting the notes by hammering on them hard with the distortion turned up.

I met him a few times at Deerhunter shows in Ireland and he was unfailingly nice, always willing to talk about playing bass and about the band. We both had to apologise to each other in Belfast after the previous night in Dublin where I spent hitting his pedals while he played and he was drunk and grabbing things off people in the crowd to use as a slide for his bass.

I dug this out yesterday after I heard. At a show in Belfast in 2009 he encouraged people to get on stage and started handing out instruments. I ended up hitting Moses’ cymbals and singing ‘Kumbayah’ with Bradford at the end of the gig. Afterwards I talked to Josh for ages and he wrote this lovely message on the CD of Weird Era. that was included with the first release of Microcastle.

I’m going to miss him loads. The Deerhunter records he was on and the shows that he played are some of the most treasured possessions and memories that I have. I wish I still had my collection of bootlegs of shows because his playing on them, along with the rest of the band, was even better than the records.

R.I.P. Josh.


This is a really lovely post


:cry: Such a brilliant bassist.

I’ve always loved the bassline on Cryptograms - it sounds so simple but it’s deceptively clever and tricky to get your head around when you try to figure it out. It gives that track such a great swinging, propulsive feeling.



Lovely post. I too ended up on stage with DH at the end of a gig in Paris - playing Bradford’s guitar!

DM me and I’ll sort you out with bootlegs (although I’m going to Le Guess Who so it might take me a couple of weeks).


Really nice memories there x

Disappearing Ink might actually be the pinnacle of bass playing, really hard to focus on other elements of that song because his bass steals the show entirely :heart:


Someone on the DH Reddit who says they are related to Josh has posted about the cause of death. Don’t really want to post it on here because it’s not official.


The post on Reddit has now been removed.


Thanks boss.