Deerhunter Thread (Rolling)


Loved that chaotic side of DH! I sometimes wonder if it could ever happen again.

I’ll DM you later! There’s no rush too, enjoy Le Guess Who!


Thanks FL. I think I’m going to learn that tonight, feels like I have to now.


I mean I think it’s pretty obvious, why even talk about it?


New single ‘Element’ up now on streaming services





I will listen to this when I’m finished work at four.


Not bowled over by this


Absolutely love that


Sounds like something Alex Turner would put out.


Pretty dull. Normally a big fan.


Album is in the wild


This band has fallen off so badly to my ears, idk.


You can’t have heard the new album properly surely?


Haven’t heard it yet but at this point i’m not even sure i want to listen to it when i could be listening to 100 other things. It’s frustrating cos i think Bradford/the band just abandoned a lot of the things that made them unique.
Just my opinion though. Not expecting it to go down well in a thread dedicated to them.


Kinda feel like they’re a different band since Monomania. Still a very solid rock band, but mostly lacking the genius of the records and EPs that preceded that album. Still like them, looking forward to the album, still think the last couple of albums are better than most bands will ever come up with… but generally I feel a little bit the same


I agree with you both FWIW. Generally they are quite as magical as they used to be.
Let’s hope this record is a return to form.


not really been into anything since halcyon digest (8 years ago!) but I’m glad Bradford continues to do what he likes. Can’t ever imagine him really trying to appease fans or try to recapture something they used to do and that’s how it should be


I remember that I HATED Monomania when it came out. Now I think it stands up on its own against any of the other albums.

Fading Frontier is slight in places but there are some brilliant songs on that. I really wish ‘Carrion’ was longer, one of my absolute favourite DH songs.

No worried about the new album at all. The singles from the last few haven’t represented the albums well so I know there’s going to be gold on it.


Might revisit Monomania so.


not quite (I meant)
Monomania and Fading Frontier do have some gems on them just not the complete package like Halycon Digest etc. (but then what else is?)